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Middle ages

No description

austin aguiar

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Middle ages

My Middle Age Power Point
Coat of Arms

Title Page

Life In Medieval Town
Now, when you hear the word knight, you think, oh its gonna be a big buff guy with a sword, right? Well, your right! That's what a knight really is. So their job was to protect the kingdom and the king from enemies.
COOL FACT: did you know that Joan of Arc was a girl. So, I guess it's not always 1 big buff man.
Ok, so the peasants are at the bottom of the feudal system, remember! They are the people who pay there taxes and work hard all day, barely take breaks, do as they are told and they are the poor people in the middle ages.
You should know already from the title that a tradesman is a man that has a specific skill/trade. Some of the trades were
What Is a Bio
So, we all did a bio on someone who lived in the Middle Ages, and i wanted to do my bio on Marco Polo because he sounded really cool, and because no one picked him. Everyone else picked the kings and Joan of Arc. I dont know why, but that's what they chose.
Marco polo was this man, a man that loved to trade with others and i liked that about him. He was more adventurous than others because others wanted to go into battle, while Marco Polo didn't. He wanted to travel and see the world. Did you know that he was from Italy. Marco traded in all sorts of places, but he traveled to china and he really liked it there so he stayed there for a long time to trade because he was thinking that alot of the people from china liked to trade too.
The 3 point read around is where we would put are bios on the table and walk around with this paper and get info about other classmates bios, its fun to do and after we will read out are bios to the class.
Joan of Arc
This is me talking about Joan of Arc.
So, Joan of Arc, to me, was a brave girl that wanted to join Frances army. The French didn't want a girl in the army but then they said ok, because she was brave and she could fight like a man so they let her in. In the end, she unites France, but is burned. She was killed because she could talk to god and hear people talking to her. Everyone was thinking that she was using witchcraft and therefore sentenced her to death.
The song of Roland
The Song of Roland was a medeival play that we performed and acted out. If i remember correctly, i think i was one of the guys who had to fight(probably a knight). It was really cool to fight with paint brushes, so the play was really fun and i had just got back from cuba to do the play, so i was the tanned kid in a play, which was cool.
"The Song of Roland is a heroic poem based on the Battle of Roncevaux in 778, during the reign of Charlemagne. It is the oldest surviving major work of French literature."
So in conclusion, i liked it, it was a good play, and we also did a play about Joan of Arc whichh you see on the slide entitled Joan of Arc.
Dating and Marriage
Dating and marriage today.
Well, we have websites, you know, like dating websites.
Who's in the Castle
FIEF Review
(Whats In a Castle)
First level:
Courtyard (smack in the middle of the castle)
Dining Room
Stairs to Dungeon
Stairs leading to second level

Washing Clothes
Medical Treatment
Medical treatment today!

Today a sick person would just go to the doctors and they would give you medecine to heal you.
Traveling today

Today people travel by plane, by car, by train, by boat, etc.
Storing Food
Money and Taxes
Getting News
Hi guys, this is my middle ages project. So, what will be in this power point you might ask? Well, this power point has all my info/work that i did about the Middle Ages. I hope you enjoy!
This is my coat of arms ---->
Well Austin, what is a coat of arms? Let me tell you. A coat of arms is a symbol that knights used to wear on their uniform/shields to show who they were in battle. For example, what if i said i was brave, well you would draw what ever you think might be brave. In Medeival times, they had lots of symbols that meant lots of different things.
Do you know what the feudal system is? Guess! Who cares, you might ask? I do and i am gonna tell you what it is. The feudal system is a social system who puts some people at the top, like the rich, and some at the bottom, like the pour. In medeival times,the king was at the top, followed by the nobles, then the knights, and finally, the peasants.

Hey! Guess what? I have the feudal system right here. ----------------------------------------------->
Time Line Of The Middle Ages
So the peasants cinquain poem is right here.-------->
And here is the knights cinquain poem -------->
Here is the tradesman poem -------->
hardworking,skilled travelling,selling

A noble is rich (not as rich as the king). They are fancy, they rule some of the village, and they also train to become a knight. So, they are people who are looking to try to be a knight.
The noble poem is right here. Please read for more info. ---------------------------------->
working to increase wealth
they are social and honarable
he's honarable and strong
"i hate the king"

Skilled castles worker who made crossbows.


Cared for the cellar and was in charge of wine and beer.


Resident owner or person in charge of a castle.


Provided spiritual welfare for laborers and the castle garrison. The duties might also include supervising building operations, clerk, and keeping accounts. He also tended to the chapel


Roasted, broiled, and baked food in the fireplaces and ovens


A professional soldier.


An official at the castle responsible for security.

the king

the king in his day he would help his village live and he had to take care of his famliy and him self so manly takeing care of others
In the Middle Ages...
Medicine to treat the Black Death

Medicine to treat Headache and Aching joints

Medicine to treat Stomach Pains and Sickness

Medicine to treat Battle Wounds

Medicine to treat Lung Problems

Today, we have cancer fighting medecines and shots(vaccines), to keep people healthy.
"Medieval education was often conducted under the auspices of the Church. During the 800s, French ruler Charlemagne realized his empire needed educated people if it was to survive, and he turned to the Catholic Church as the source of such education. His decree commanded that every cathedral and monastery was to establish a school to provide a free education to every boy who had the intelligence and the perseverance to follow a demanding course of study. " -
Today, kids have to go to school, and most kids just go without thinking about it.
Back in the day, it would have taken ages to get from one country to the next.
In the Middle Ages vehicles with wheels like carts were useful for short distances but they were not used on long trips due to the poor condition of the roads.
"Possible incidents were: robberies by bandits, the unexpected tolls, the fatigue of the horses, wars, plagues, accidents, a broken bridge, a blizzard, etc."
Today, we have things like fridges and freezers to store and keep food from rotting.
In the middle Ages, you had to eat perishables that day or else they would rot.
Today, we have t.v, video games, and all sorts of cool games to play..
Back in the middle Ages, they played some sports, and lots of the games we still play today. They even had fairs.
Clothing Today

Well, you go to the store with your money, and you buy what you would like to wear. Back then, girls would pluck out ther eyebrows, shave there hair to create a fashionable high forehead. The guys would wear tightly laced doublets (short jackets) to give themselves small waists. The men also wore shoes that had long pointed toes to adoid tripping.
Today, people would meet up with friends and talk about what the world has come to. Or they would talk on email, or skype, or text.
In the middle ages they would meet up at a pub or they would just hear it from a freind/someone you would know.
Today, we pay our taxes, well, i dont pay taxes, yet! So i dont know much about taxes.
In the middle ages, you would pay your taxes to your lord/your town keeper, or your trademen. The peasants would pay their lords, and the lords would pay the King.
In the Medieval times, marriage was quite different than today. Women didn't have a choice as to who they would marry
Today, we have washers and dryers
They usually didn't wash the outer garments they wore and only the underwear every so often.
I just want to thank Mr.Hayward becouse this was his idea to do a power point so thanks Hayward.
And a big thanks for courtney for showing me prezi becouse with out prezi i wouldnt be ably to do this on the computar and work with it at home and i know about a new website.
More inside the catsle
-King and Queens bedroom
- Princesses' bedroom
- Princes' bedroom
- Guest bedroom
- Maids' sleeping quarters
- Chapel
- Changing room
- Bathhouse

My Process Paper
While making the power point presentation, right away I had things going on in my head about the middle ages. I was thinking I have to have pictures and detail in my power point. I needed to do this at home or else I would not be able to finish this power point.
Each slide was a box full of information. Everything that was on the power point/scrapbook todo list had to be on my power point. I needed to make this happen, so I did.
A blacksmith is called a black smith becouse the iron that they would smith was black .
The bailff is a person that would collect taxes and also keep the lords and ladies money.
And a miner was another person that mined ore down in a mine.
Spinsters would make clothes out of wool
3 Point Read Around
Let Me Know How I Did
My Bio
My bio about Marco polo
Do you guys know who this is No, well, you are about to learn about him, yeah that --guy, well his name is Marco polo the game that all of us might still play today yes sadly I like to play Marco polo.
So let’s jump right in here so I am typing this page for you guys so ENJOY IT!!!!! Ok thank you, so do you know when this guy was born WAIT STOP HERE!!! You don’t because only I do ok because I am the one telling you about him so he was born in 1254, September 15th in Venice Italy.
And yep you guessed it He grew up in Venice, Italy.
K so yeah he did speak so he mainly spoke Latin and then he also learned Uighur, Persian, Chinese isn’t that cool no not really right lets go in to some cooler stuff then just some stuff about what he speaks right yeah I know.
So you know how all the 13 year olds play video games and stuff well in. The 1254 they didn’t have that well everyone knows that right so he grew up and started to trade stuff and he love to walk around and adventure k maybe not that adventure but he like to explore a lot so I guess he liked to learn so me on the other side totally not liked what he liked haha 
So now Marco left Venice, he went to china in 1271, he spent 17 years in Kublai, and then he went back to Venice in 1295
He did not have any brothers and sisters so yes he was an only child so he never had to be bothered or bother he’s others
So when I tried so hard to look up if Marco made he’s own books or not so out of all the sites I went on I got that he didn’t make any book because he was too busy traveling so yeah I am just going to go for that ok ok thanks
So next stop is what this man did this the rest with his life so Marco ended up owning one of one of the trading place in china
And did you also know that Marco polo was the first person who documented his encounter with the Asians
So that’s all I got for you guys today so now I am going to show you some picture down below so I hoped you enjoyed this bio about Marco polo and stuff so yeah thanks for lisning to me I hope that you did ``Matthew`` yeah I saw you

This is Venice Italy
Where Marco polo lived

More things about Marco polo
• Marco polo’s hair color was dark brown kina black
• He had blue eyes

Marco polo died on 1324 in January

-bio made by Austin.Aguiar

I wanted to know if dragons where a thing well i looked it up and they did back then if you have every saw that movie how to tain your dragon then you sould know what iam talking about becouse in that movie it was about this kid in the middle ages that finds this dragon and he was a freandly dragon so the boy trys to tain the dragon.

The f.f.a.t.m.a.
You may ask me how did you put it all together,was it hard was it easy,fun,how did it go.Well manly i started getting ideas in my head and right a way i had so more going on up in my brain it was crazy so well what did you do about it Austin,wait just wait ok i am getting there ok give me a break,ok iam here i am back to tell you what i did sorry for the wait, so i started to make this just went home start this prezi up and went ham so i went hard core thinking all night long and yet my mom worry about not getting any sleep well there you go mom thats why beocues mr.hayward has to give me homework right i know right not fun ever and when ever i say ever i mean NEVER!!!!!! so what did you use to make this Austin well let me tell you people of the earth i used 1 boy with the name Austin, 1 brain, 1 website that i am 100% new too, 4 posters with middle ages info on it, interweb pictures,a computar, some help from hayward and courtney.
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