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Greece and Rome

No description

Kristina St John

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Greece and Rome

Economics- The greeks economy was not like are economy today, "economy" meant rules of the household for them. they had no real "rules" thou, so they used, bought, sold, and that's how their economy worked. Most greeks work with water like, sailors, fishermen, or even pirates. mostly everybody traded goods, like fish, jewelry, oils, and perfumes.

Rights- in Greece they had city-states which became like a experiment in economic policies, law and or policies organizations. the Greeks kept their heritage. Some of the wealthy got more privileges in stuff like where they could build their house.

Values- the greek needs and wants where valued by everyone because they all needed and wanted a good house and temples to worship their gods. as a whole i think the society valued temples the most. The temple is important to everyone.

Beliefs- I think greek values their temples most because they believe in their god. most greeks believed in human gods. this effects what they make, like they try to make most of their buildings to either god or gods to worship them or to give them thanks. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Greece Needs Wants How Greece influenced America. GREECE and
ARCHITECTURE By: Kristina St John Wants Economics, Rights, Values, Beliefs, Greece Needs ROME The greeks needed houses that could hold the whole family, and that had a roof that would keep them dry. Some greeks needed temples to worship their god or gods. They started out by living in caves then switched to small houses. They would weave sticks together and coat it with mud layers, and grass roofs. the grass was bundled and tied together. Doing this trick made it look like their houses where tents. They also needed drinking holes, to get fresh water. They needed arches to support their buildings, because the arch is a very strong shape. The rich greeks wanted walls to go around their houses for safety. The greeks soon wanted to build big and beautiful buildings to go around Greece. In 1700 b.c. all the houses that people lived in fell down and got destroyed from a earthquake, so they did what they wanted and made the buildings bigger and more beautiful. In 1400 b.c. tombs known as tholos were being built for queens and kings once they passed on. Soon the greeks where making palaces for them self. Dark Ages where over there where no more kings or queens and that meant no palaces to build for the royal familys. Instead they started focusing on their gods. (the workers more then likely stole this idea from the egyptians. Greek temples where a big want, because they wanted to feel closer to their god by worshiping them. People wanted to be entertained so they had "theaters," All Done!!! How Rome influenced America. Economics. Rights. Values. Beliefs. Bibliography
fee.org When building architecture the roman's made the arches, baked bricks and cement. But just like the greeks the roman's still need houses that can support their family, that had a roof to make sure they stay dry. most family's had their whole family in one small room. The houses where small like apartment building, with courtyards to cook in or for their children to play in. These type of houses had tall walls around them to help prevent robbery from happening.Some roman's needed to build temples to give their god thanks for victory in battle. The roman's also needed drinking holes. The roman's needed baths to clean themselves, but they didn't get hot water because it was to hard to heat water up. The roman's built temples, they even put their temples in public bathing rooms along with, theaters, and aqueducts. they even started making sewers. The rulers made big palaces, like the one that Domitian payed his architectures to build on a hill. The wealthy roman's lived in a apartment like building to only theirs had skylight's with a water hole to carry rainwater into. some of the rulers made architecture to show wealth. Economics- The roman's paid for their things by mostly farming, but also by building new building for other people like the rulers family.
Rights- There wasn't really any laws that they had that aid they cant build something, but the rulers where the ones that did have the decision if you could build or not.
Values- I think that the wants/needs where valued by mostly the wealthy, but the poor and the rich did value the temples as a whole.
Beliefs- I think because they believed in their gods they started making more temples to worship their gods. Greece influenced us by making temples to grow closer with god and with the white house. the white house in Washington D.C. was built based on the greeks buildings that are still up today. Rome influenced America by the sewers that they built under ground and by the bath and theaters.
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