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Hamlet:Reader Response

No description

Chaia Dent

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Hamlet:Reader Response

The Duel
Structure of the story plays a role
Environment resembles a performance and you are the audience, literally.
Resemble a witness to these events either as a companion or a onlooker.
As Hamlet and Laertes duel, a feeling to support the protagonist is revealed.
Opheila is only present in 5 of the 20 scenes
Some people believe this is the true tragedy
Act V Scene II
The Tragedy
Act I, scene iii
When Laertes and Polonius talk about Ophelia's relationship with Hamlet.
Reader-response criticism allows the reader to determine where the meaning of the story resides by focusing on the text and the initial reactions it evokes.
Hamlet:Reader Response
The Main Tragedy
Witness a gruesome moment
Family torn apart by power and greed (Power to show how what tear family apart)
Emotion compared to a TV character or a loved one dying; feel attached to Hamlet and as he dies, a part of you does as well.
Act IV Scene VII
Ophelia Dies
be careful,
don't get too attatched to him,
when he becomes king, he might not be able to be with you.
This might just be a temporary affection

respect yourself, and your body
I don't want your dishonor to reflect badly on my reputation
he is just using you to destroy yours and my honor
do not affilliate with him again

Hamlet's father appeared to Hamlet telling him of the murder
Claudius poisoned his brother and married Hamlet's mother
Hamlet's father told him to take revenge
Hamlet wanted to honor his father's wish.
Hamlet was more inclined to believe an imaginary ghost of his Father.
Shows the different relationships between Laertes and Ophelia and Polonius and Ophelia
She had to resort to death
She dies and Hamlet is alive (Romeo and Juliet)

Step parents are always portrayed as the bad guy.
You always want to make your parents proud.
Hamlet's father made Hamlet swear to him that he would take revenge on Claudius.
If you believe in ghosts, then you might believe Hamlet's story.
If not, Hamlet might actually be crazy.
Hamlet believed his father's ghost.
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