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Harry Potter fun!!

My first prezi all about the wonderful world of Harry Potter!! Yes, I do realize I spelt "wonderful" as "wonder." If you don't get any of it look up AVPM. That'll explain it. Comment!!

Nora Rose

on 19 December 2010

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Transcript of Harry Potter fun!!

There's this one boy his name is Harry Potter he used to live under a staircase
at his aunt and uncle's house his parents were eaten by an alligator then the alliagtor took out a knife and gave him that scar or at least...... that's what his liar uncle and aunt told him then on his 12th birthday this guy came "you're a wizard harry!!" harry then went to a magic school... H
S harry met wonder friends and cute lil' neville the headmaster at hogwarts is named Dumbledore he'll be like the father harry never had but not everyone at Hogwarts is nice... there's Draco Malfoy who wants a rocketship.... and severus snape the potions master then, the evilest of them all... VOLDEMORT SHH!! don't say his name aloud!! isn't he a charmer? Harry will somehow have to defeat Voldemort good luck Harry in reality Voldemort killed them but we'll get to that later..
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