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The Effects of Sexualization in Mass Media on Adolescent Gir

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Guinevere Patterson

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of The Effects of Sexualization in Mass Media on Adolescent Gir

The Effects of Sexualization in Mass Media on Adolescent Girls

A "Sex Sells" Consumer Culture
The Unrealistic Ideal of Feminine Beauty
In keeping with the standardized "ideal", many companies utilize photo enhancements and editing software in order to hide any deemed "flaws" or "imperfections" in women that are promoting their products.
This physical ideal is impossible to emulate, therefore it creates a negative self image for women and young girls as they find shortcomings within themselves in comparison.
The Damaging Effects
Low Self-Esteem / Loss of Self-Worth
Body Overestimation / Eating Disorders
Alcohol / Substance Abuse
Premature Sexual Relations / Risky Sexual Behaviors
Sexual Victimization
We, as consumers, need to raise awareness about the negative impact the mass media has on young girls in our society
Refuse to purchase or endorse products that are using sexual objectification as a means to advertise
Get involved with organizations that fight hyper-sexualization in media
Communicate with young girls about the negative effects of the media
Encourage self esteem in adolescent girls based upon non-physical traits
Marketing and advertising in magazines, movies, television shows, on billboards and across the internet, send powerful misleading messages about women's sexuality and physical appearance.
The flawless, standardized ideal of physical beauty is an illusion that advertiser's use to sell products. This illusion of "perfection" causes women to believe that they can never be "good enough".
The Sexual Objectification of Women in our Society
Some advertisements dehumanize a woman by only showing body parts and not her face.
Women are sometimes turned into the objects that are being advertised (ex. A woman's torso being used as an i-pod jack, a woman's body being turned into the shape of a beer bottle, etc.)
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