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Planetary Science Concept Map

No description

Christian Fitzsimmons

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Planetary Science Concept Map

Volcanoes Yellowstone Magnetic Fields Sun Life Lunar Formation source of energy solar wind energy to Earth Light for photosynthesis geomagnetic reversal mague to hydrodynamics mantle plumes plate tectonics volcanic ash magma chambers unpredictable Stromatolites types: red, grey, surge Eruption clues: earthquake, animal migration, geographic anamolies, CO2 excess restless caldera massive super eruption 85 by 45 km global geophysical event earth freeze, temps plummet, crops fail,
ash and gas output sources of energy: Radioactive, solar; insolating Impact Theory Near side and Far side Tides 2 super continents Early Earth dynamic Ice Ages and mass extinction Humans -- O2 Core: Heavy, dense elements liquid: mostly oceans radioactivity 9.18 years after Big Bang unstable nuclei > decay > energy from core Atmosphere Carbon dioxide for photosynthesis Will definitely die without fast moving
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