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Life Cycle Analysis on Personal Hygiene & Cosmetics

Dr. Brenner's Liquid Lavender Castile Soap

Philip Vanderhoofven

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Life Cycle Analysis on Personal Hygiene & Cosmetics

Dr Brenner's Liquid Lavender Castile Soap vs. "Bar Soap" Life Cycle Analysis Presentation by
Philip Vanderhoofven &
Dorilynne Wong Waste Environmental/Social Impacts "waste: environmental/social impacts:" "Raw materials:" "Raw materials:" Organic Coconut Oil for rich lather, from Sri Lanka
Potassium Hydroxide for sponification, from wood ash
Lavandin Extract for antiseptic, anti fungal, anti biotic from France
Organic Olive Oil, A skin Moisturizer, From Palestine
Hemp Oil, Omega-3 poly unsaturated Acids for healthy skin from Canada
Jojoba Oil, a Lubricant, From Arizona
Lavender Oil, added for it aromatic properties, Supplied from Indiana & New York
Citric Acid derived from Tapioca, added to cleanse skin and hair, From Thailand
Tocopherol (Vitamin E) derived from Sunflower Oil, an Emollient as a skin softener, from Spain Packaging - 100% post-consumer recycled bottles & Paper Lables
Filled with 3X more Concentrated liquid soap

Ingredients - Contain no Sythetic Foaming agents thickeners or persevatives

Waste - Non-toxic and ready to disperse down the drain and back into the environment Product Safety Selecting Ingredients Environment
- None of the Ingredients are linked to cancer developmental/ reproductive toxicity or allergies

-Fair Trade Certification Corporate Practices Corporate Practices -Coming Clean Campaign

-Coalition for Consumer Information
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