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Jan Waldorf

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

A Paraeducator provides instructional or other types of supervisory services to students under the supervision and direction of a certified professional.
Legally they cannot serve as the sole designer, deliverer, or evaluator of a student's program.
Roles and
Co-teach in a general or sped classroom
Teach reading, math, or language small group.
Help plan lessons
Monitor student progress
Collect data on students
Reflect upon, and evaluate instruction
Supervise students working in a cooperative learning group.
Materials preparation
Behavioral aide
Importance of Collaborative Planning
Stimulates creative solutions for diverse learners
Feel more like a team player
More confidence in the classroom
Allows more flexibility for Paras to be used as a co-teacher.
Students see Support Teacher more as an equal partner.
Teaching Approaches
Supportive Co-Teaching
Complementary Co-Teaching
Team Teaching
Parallel Teaching
Supportive Co-Teaching
Teacher takes the lead instructional role and supportive co-teacher rotates among the students to provide academic, behavioral, or communication support.
Caution: Do not become "velcroed" to individual students. This can be stigmatizing for student and support teacher.
Co-teachers share responsibility for all students in the classroom, while team members do something to enhance the instruction provided by each other.
Ex. While one teacher is lecturing, the support teacher may be modeling note taking, or creating other graphics that visually assist students to grasp concepts.
Legal/Ethical Standards
IEP is a binding legal document that must be followed.
Confidentiality: Share student information only on a "need to know basis."
What Paraeducators should expect from their teachers:
To be part of the weekly team meetings.
To be part of co-teaching planning meetings.
Lesson plans emailed in time to ask questions and be prepared to work with students
Informal on-the-job training through modeling, supervision
and feedback.
Information concerning student expectations and management plans for each classroom.
Explanation of how to best support students with behavioral and/or accommodation needs.
Explanation of responsibilities for each classroom.
Be an advocate for your students.
Be flexible
Have tolerance and value for the individual differences of teachers as well as students with which you work. This is an important component of every successful inclusion classroom.
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