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Impact of Technology on 21st century society

No description

Jaileene Hernandez

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Impact of Technology on 21st century society

At least, 25% of people in this classroom use technology more than:
How many of you think that you can survive 24 hours without A cellphone?
Most of you cannot, this is why....
So, no one in this classroom can say, they didn't have the resources OR TIME to make their presentation.
Three positive ways are:
Viewing technology as a negative or positive impact on our society is a opinion based on your personal beliefs.
Three simple negative ways technology affects our lives are:
Decrease of time Management skills
Lack of communication among one another
Reduction of self reliance on oneself
Impact of Technology on 21st century society

a day

of the week, at minimum
If we do the math that is about:
48 hours
of your week
out of
people have a device
More then
have resources on campus
Google images, 123rf photos.
Photographic imagery on prezi
Communication all around the world
Educational Advancement
Advancement towards Transportation
Photographic/ simple images from prezi
As Steve Jobs once said "I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates" - Steve Jobs
As long as there is balance between the negative and positive,in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with more technological innovations.
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