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Sherwood Mills Public School

Sherwood Mills is the place to be, with fun and learning for you and me!

Alicia Pan

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Sherwood Mills Public School

Extra Curricular
Girls on the Run
Running Club
Gym Helpers
Fitness Friends
Floor Hockey
Mississauga Marathon
Walking Club Sports Reading Silver Birch
Blue Spruce
Library Leaders Arts Choir
Honor Choir
Chess Club
Cultural Presentations
Remembrance Day Poster Contest
Young Writers Helping Hands Green Team
Bus Monitors
Tech Team
Student Ambassadors
Assembly MC
Education Week Helpers
Future Aces Ambassadors Just for Fun Harry Potter Club
Excellence in Eloquence
Rock Paper Scissors
PALS Welcome to Sherwood Mills Population 805 People Staff 75 Classroom Teachers 30 Grade 1 Kindergarten Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 4 5 5 5 4 7 Students 730 Arabic French German Amharic Bengali Greek Urdu Hindi Farsi Polish Languages Cantonese Chinese Dari English Gujarati Japanese Kannada Konkani Korean Malayalam Mandarin Marathi Persian Filipino Portuguese Punjabi Russian Serbian Sinhalese Somali Spanish Tamil Telugu Turkish Vietnamese Italian Extra Curricular
Activities Well, that's it folks!
Sherwood Mills is the place to be! That's it folks
Sherwood Mills is the place to be Camps Gaming What is fair? Full Day
Kindergarten Where kids grow Future Aces Why are the arts important? This is only a There is always room for one more The place where buckets are filled! Diversity poster Musical Production Supervision of Staff -daily walkabouts
-monthly staff meetings
-monthly grade Team meetings
-Teacher Performance Appraisal
-LTO evaluations
-Monitoring of data
-Regular meetings with office manager
-Regular meetings with custodian JK 106
SK 107 -helps students better understand
the world around them
-reinforces literacy, numeracy and
other subjects
- different way of communicating
-it's an outlet for creativity
-provides a voice for students
-there is something in the arts for
-strengthens cognitive ability
-fun and active definitions of "fair", Kids put their and act upon them. Sherwood Mills send 10 students
to camp each year for people in
grade 1-5. Some people can't afford
it, or for other reasons. Camp helps build social lives, and teaches life lessons. "Camp changed my life" Yoga Some students participate in yoga
to keep calm. There is calming music
in yoga, so students can think back to a happy time and walk away from a situation without being violent. Professors from York University visited Sherwood
Mills, and provided each grade 2 and 4 class with some i-pads, and they wanted to see if kids were more interested in learning if they had an i-pad.
The i-pads had educational games. The school
board is considering if they should purchase i-pads
for students, and the i-pads may help students with trouble speaking or writing. School Leadership Teaching and learning Climate for learning Leadership for learning Climate Visual Arts Mississauga Mural Community Outreach Professional Productions Helping our
Community Before
and After School Character Traits Literacy Room The principal,
Mrs.Stevens School on the Move
LNS EQAO Sports Section Ready for Kindergarten? Staff Arts Visual Arts Music Drama Shanghainese Teaching for Learning Home of the Sherwood Mills Sharks Inclusive Anti-Bullying of our school! glimpse Bye for now.... Special Thanks to:
Alicia Pan
Grace Wei " We are one " Alicia and Vicky
Grade five " Sometimes it just takes One" -Kathryn Otoshi Sherwood Mills Public School
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