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1940's Propaganda

propaganda on the 1940's, animla farm, and fahrenheit 451

Zoe Ostrowsky

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of 1940's Propaganda

Propaganda use 1. Denham’s Dentifrice- Catchy Jingle- Glittering Generalities (99, 101) Propaganda 1. The Book- It uses simple farm animals to make fun of Stalin and Communism- Name Calling (Throughout Book) 1940 -1949 The '40s was a confusing time for the whole world. It was in this decade that WWII ended and it was a time of Propaganda, good and bad. 1940s Faulty Logic 1940s In the 1940s, Animal Farm, and Fahrenheit 451 Propaganda Propaganda Animal Farm Fahrenheit 451 1940s 1940s 1940s 1940s 2. Christ- The religious figure promotes products in sermons- Testimonial 3. Firemen- They are propaganda in-and-of themselves- Fear (Throughout Book) Glittering Generalities 2.Squealer explains that the windmill was Napoleon’s idea all along- Testimonial (38) 3.Blaming Snowball for everything bad- Name Calling (46,51, 53 59) This 1940s print uses faulty logic to promote Camel Cigarette's by telling it's audience that docotors- wise, health conscious individuals- use the product, so everyone else should too. By using words like "Endurance" and "Vitality", this ad draws the consumers eye, and also outlines the products pros. Glittering Generalities & Fear This cartoon uses both fear and strong, nice words to persuade american workers to pay their taxes. By telling people that taxes will either win or lose the war is a combination of both tactics! Glittering Generalties Again, this ad calls to a persons love of their country, using this image of
soldier holding up an American Flag. Euphemism This short cartoon made in 1942 is a satire made to criticize the then-censorship bureau the Hays Office. It uses finely veiled humor to make people dislike the censorship process and sympathize with people who were against it. Help our country,
Buy a war bond!
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