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Francisco Vasques de Coronado

No description

Abraham Nagueza

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Francisco Vasques de Coronado

Coronado went to Mexico and then went by foot in the modern day USA all the way to Kansas and back.
Coronado's exploration had a bad impact. He took some Native American slaves and forced them to find gold. They were all killed by Coronado's men. He was later charged with bad leadership.
Impact of Exploration
Coronado was later charged with bad leadership and the mistreatment of Native Americans.
Personal Background
Other Facts
Coronado was 30 years old when he set off to sea in 1540. He was born in 1510. Coronado was married to Beatriz Estrada, a very wealthy woman.
Francisco Vasques de Coronado
By Clay Hulsebus and Abraham Nagueza .

New Spain was Coronado's sponsor. Antonio de Mondoza was the king who approved Coronado's voyage.
February 23, 1540 was the day he set off to sea. Sometime in 1542, Coronado came back with no gold.
Dates of Exploration
Coronado, Robin.S.Doak, Compass Point Books,Minneapolis, MN copyright 2002.
Social Studies Book, Teacher's Curriculum Institute, Madision, WI, 2010.
Coronado's motives were to gain glory and wealth.
Routes of Exploration
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