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Fundamentals of Peace and Conflict

Protest and Propaganda

Sean-Patrick Barros

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Fundamentals of Peace and Conflict

Protest + Propaganda: How Music Can Affect Individuals, Groups and Movements... "Music is doing something to everyone who hears it all the time.
It is an art which reaches the emotions easily, often ahead of
intellectual awareness." - Arnold Perris By so effectivly permeating the brain and conciousness music can help an individual, a party or movement
- deliver a message
- recruit
- find release or relief
- Protest or create awareness Music as a release
- promotes contenment
- spreads harmony
- ease stress + tension
- entertainment
Music is often the most effective medium
in lobbying for change or creating awarness PROTEST! - promotes social change
- calls attention to problem(s)
or situation
- emotion laden terms and cries of discontent
Music In propaganda
- nationistic promotion
- military advertising
- brainwashing
Music in Propaganda
- nationalistic promotion
- military advertising
- brainwashing
- arouse support
- recruit
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