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Scott Provenzano

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Tangerine

Author Edward Bloor 1. 2. Tangerine 3. CHARACTERS! Paul Fisher (Main Character) Paul has just moved to the Tangerine County
in Florida with his father, mother, and brother
named Erik. His eyes got severly damaged when he was a child and now he wears huge glasses that make him look like an alien. He knows that Tangerine County isn't an ordinarycounty. He tries to keep himself safe and longs to find out a family secret that they have been
keeping from him for too long. Erik Fisher Erik Fisher is the older brother of Paul Fisher
and is the best football player in the Tangerine
County. He has witnessed people get sturck by
lightning at his football practice and rejoices
about it because then he has no competition. Joey Costello Joey Costello has been Paul Fisher's
best friend since he moved to the
Tangerine County. His brother, Mike Costello,
got struck by lightning at a football practice
and died at impact. Joey plays soccer with Paul
and he plays a big role in this book. 4. Character Trace At the beginning of this book,
Paul Fisher is kind of lonely
and has these huge bulky eye
glasses and does not remember
why he has them. During the
story, he notcies clues that
lead to the point of his parents
telling him what really happened.
He then turns to a different kid,
he isn't the same and is angry
and doesnt treat people the same.
When he discovers these clues during
the story it makes him more ancious
and that is when he started to change
and get aggrivated. 5. SETTING This story takes place in a city
called Tangerine, locasted in Florida.
At every second of the day there
is a fire burning underground, and at
the same time everyday, there is a
lightning storm in the same place.
The weather is always the same every
day at every second. It is late August. 6. An event that leads to the problem
of this story is that everyday there
is a thunderstorm in the same place,
and as I read i could tell that there
was going to be a problem with that.
That lead to Mike Costello, a football
player, getting struck by lightning. 1st rising action: 2nd rising action: Every second of the day in Tangerine,
there is a fire burning underground. I
could imply that wasn't going to do the
town any good. The fire underground led
to a sink hole, and a couple of the houses
in Tangerine got sunk down into the ground. 3rd Rising Action: The third rising action is when
Paul keeps figuring out clues on
why his eyes were so badly damaged.
The reader could tell that there was
going to be a point when Paul would
find out and it would bring nothing
but a bad situation. 7 CLIMAX The climax of the story was
when Mike Costello got struck
by lightning. The whole town
became paranoid and wanted to
change the time of the football
practices and would stay inside
more often. It was horrible for
Mike's family, and the town.
It proved that the weather in this
county, was not safe. 8. RESOLUTION 9. THE THEME One theme that was pretty big
in this book was makign fun of
kids. Paul Fisher got picked on
a lot for having huge, bulky, blue
glasses; and he never did anything
to the kids that picked on him.
Bullies still exist today and this
book shows us what it feels like
when we are bullied. 10 The way I felt when I finished
this book was i related it to
my normal life. Every once in
a while i get made fun of and
every once in a while i make bad choice and dont say the nicest things. I advise this book to anyone who knows they are not the nicest person at times, so they could know how it feels for the victims. The resolution is Paul tells
the police that Arthur and
killed a kid named Luis. The
two also get caught for stealing items from houses that have been robbed. Paul finds out that he was not blinded from looking into the solar eclipse too long, he found out that it really was because his brother Erik purposly sprayed paint in his eyes. Arthur goes to jail, and Erik is next.
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