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Strategies for Developing Concepts of Print

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Hannah Martin

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of Strategies for Developing Concepts of Print

Strategies for Developing Concepts of Print Learning About Print in Preschool
Dorothy S. Strickland
Judith A. Schickedanz
Concepts of print: knowledge of the functions of print and how print language works
Structure of book reading
Print evokes meaning
Print’s directionality ( front to back, top to bottom, beginning to end)
Concept of word (word boundaries, visual order of letter within words)
Concept of letter (distinct shapes, have names, form words)
4 strategies Shared Writing: An Integrated Instructional Strategy
Teacher models the writing process as students observe or participate and respond
How to do it
Inquiry activity
Discussion about activity
Do a “write aloud”
Shared reading chart
Guided discussion of the things the children notice about the text
Independent drawing or writing
Look For Understanding of
print conveying meaning
concept of word
letter knowledge'
phonemic awareness
literacy language
Focused Strategy 1: Thing I Like
Children collect pictures of things they like. These pictures are pasted on paper and labeled by the teacher.
Helps children understand that speech can be written down
How to Do It
Provide a lot of pictures
Large piece of paper that says “Things I Like”
Children glue pictures on their paper
Children name item in picture
Say aloud letters as teacher writes
What to Look For
children name pictures they collected
match words and letters

Focused Strategy 2: Room Word Search
Children search for particular words in the classroom.
Encourages children to notice environmental print and offers them an opportunity to discuss the words and their uses in the classroom
How to Do It
Show children word and spell it
Children search for word in classroom
Talk about how that word is useful in classroom
(ELL) have word written in two languages)
What to Look For
children's ability to think the appropriate place in the classroom for that word to be located
Focused Strategy 3: Building Words
Children reconstruct familiar words, phrases, and sentences.
This activity requires children to look at parts within a whole. They learn that word and letter orders are important and that letters are arranged from left to right.
How to Do It
Have 2 copies of words, phrases, or short sentences
One copy is model, one is cut up
Reconstruct cut up pieces to match model
What to Look For
children problem solving and self-correcting
children's self-monitoring abilities
Hannah Martin
BK 350
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