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Accuracy and precision

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of Accuracy and precision

Accuracy reliability and precision
To know the differences between accuracy, reliability and precision
To measure with accuracy and precision
Yes....! William Tell!
Accuracy reliability and precision
Lets go!!!
Now...lets measure!
Watch Mr Harvey
Write your age in THREE different ways
William Tell?
The accuracy of each measurement depends on the quality of the measuring apparatus and the skill of the scientists taking the measurement. If the apparatus is faulty, or the scientists make a mistake, the measurement may be inaccurate.
For the data to be reliable, the difference the measurements must be small. There is always some differences in any set of measurements, whatever is being measured. There may be small differences in the way the measuring apparatus is used.
In this set of data, each measurement should only be slightly different from the others. The results are repeatable, meaning that each time a measurement is taken it has almost the same value. We can say that this set of data is reliable.
Find out and write down 'what is PRECISION'.
Give an example
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