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Meriwether Lewis (Timeline)

No description

Ben W.

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Meriwether Lewis (Timeline)

Meriwether Lewis
An Explorers Life: By Ben Wilson
Meriwether Lewis was born on August 18th, 1774, in Albemarle County Virginia. His house was called Locust Hill, and it neighbored the home of Thomas Jefferson
Becomes Captain
After three short years of military life, Lewis became an Army Captain at age 23 in 1797.
Lewis becomes a Secretary
In 1801 Thomas Jefferson chose Lewis as his private Secretary to help him with his plans for the Louisiana Territory.
The Mission Begins
On May 14th, 1804 Lewis, Clark, and the Corps of Discovery set sail on the Missouri River to kick-start their exploration journey.
Staying with the Mandans
In the winter of 1804 and 1805 the Corps of Discovery stayed with the Mandan Indians, and made peace with them by building Fort Mandan in their name and exchanging gifts.
Hitting the Pacific
In November of 1805 the Corps of Discovery encountered the Pacific Ocean. There they set up Fort Clatsop, named after the local Indian tribe.
Coming Home
On September 23rd, 1806 the Corps of Discovery returned home to St. Louis.
On October 11th, 1809 Meriwether Lewis died of a robbery or by his own hand in an Inn in Nashville, Tennessee.
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