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Web Developments

For CSIS 2000 Class Presentation

Bryson Van Houten

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Web Developments

Background and Full screen videos
People find greater ease in watching videos than reading articles

Easier to tell a company's story.

More inviting to explore their website.

Gently changes the mood of the website
Mobile Apps and Social Networking
According to several studies, people prefer mobile apps to browsers in order to seek information.
Much more comfortable to use.
The difference between a product you love and a product you tolerate is often the micro-interactions you have with it.
Good for:
Changing settings
"Liking" or "Sharing" articles or status.
Accomplishing a single task
Connecting Devices together
More Websites, Less Coding
WYSIWYG programs are conquering the market.
Coding is becoming obsolete and knowledge and about HTML and CSS are no longer needed as much.
One could also say that this is a bad trend, as the web has benefited from manual coding and the many customization options available in coding
More Emphasis on Typography
In the past years, web type-kits were expensive and could only be used by content-heavy sites, especially the ones that required larger budget. But, with web type-kits becoming a lot affordable
even the small-size websites
tied to a smaller budget will
be able to focus on typography
skills. And thus, more and
more website owners will
become capable of attaining
type-centric design.
Scrolling Will Continue...
Parallax scrolling is a special scrolling technique in computer graphics, wherein background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth.
Great way of incorporating storytelling in web pages.
Preferred over clicking.
Use of Ghost Buttons
They became a hot trend in 2014, and since they just recently paved their way into the web design landscape, you may get to see a lot more innovations in the way they’re being used in a site, in 2015. Ghost buttons aren’t meant to distract you, just attract your attention in a subtle way.
Improved Card Design
Card design allows users to get a quick glimpse on what a website is all about, websites like Pinterest, Google Now and Craigslist. They provide content blocks which will highlight important aspects of a webpage in a aesthetically pleasing way that's clean and efficient.



Web Developments
for 2015

A look into the FUTURE!
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