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Topographic Maps

No description

Cibrina Hoffman

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Topographic Maps

Geologic Maps and Color
Topographic Maps
Go to the following website to answer the questions below on your worksheet:

1. For whom are topographic maps useful tools?
2. What do topographic maps summarize?
3. What mountain does the first topographic map and photo show?
4. What land features from the first topographic map are evident?

Contour Lines
More Topographic Maps
Watch the video then answer the questions below, on your worksheet:

Give three examples of symbols you
might find on a topographic map.

Does color matter on a topographic map?
Geologic Maps
Use the website to answer the following questions on your worksheet:

Why are geologic maps important?

List 3 natural hazards that can be found by using a geologic map.

Topographic and Geologic Maps
Watch me!
Click on the link and watch me!
Watch the video, then answer the questions below on your worksheet:

1. What is a contour line?
2. What does it mean if the contour lines are close together?
3. What does it mean if the contour lines are far apart?
Need help? Try this website:
Use the website below to answer the following questions on your worksheet:

Is color important when looking at a geologic map? Why?

What colors are used to identify igneous and volcanic rocks?
Follow the directions at each stop along the path.
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