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Attucks Middle School Guidance

No description

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Attucks Middle School Guidance

Attucks Middle School Guidance Department:
"Guiding our students to a path of greatness! "

Mission Statement
We, the guidance counselors, at Attucks Middle will provide a counseling environment to all students to assist them in accomplishing a successful, safe and rewarding experience through a focus on their academic, personal, social and emotional growth.
Students are encouraged to soar high, acquire knowledge, cultivate individual talents, and develop respect for self and others in our diverse society. We are here to support our teachers, parents, and students.
Mandatory Staff Trainings
"Let's all speak the same language"
1. Anti-Bullying Training Module:
Anti-Bullying Student Training-Social Studies Classes
Additional Activities

2. Dating Violence Training Module:
Student Dating Violence Training

CAB conference
to access instructions for completing the
Anti-Bullying and Dating Violence
Training. Be sure to complete online trainings and email your certificate to me by Friday, August 23, 2013.

Dr. L. Williams: 6th (M-Z) & 7th grade Counselor
Mrs. D. Alls, Director: 6th (A-L) & 8th grade Counselor
Mrs. S. Mulrey, Registrar

Student Services Available
Mandatory Students Trainings
Response-to-Intervention (RTI) Procedures
Student Services
Kids of Character (KOC) - "Every student should have an opportunity to to live a life of character!"
Honor Roll & Most Improved Pupil (MIP Award)
Classroom guidance presentations
Large group assemblies and small group counseling (as needed)
Individual counseling
Complete Family Counseling Referral
Coordinate Testing
Anti-Bullying Policy Highlights
What is R.I.P.?
How can students report bullying issues?
Policy 5.9 states that all staff members are required to report any cases of bullying.

Dating Violence Awareness Highlights
Our goal is to educate students about the warning signs of dating violence, healthy v.s. unhealthy relationships, and how friends can help.
Dating violence and/or abuse is not tolerated.
Students can face disciplinary actions in accordance to policy 5010
What is the Response-to-Intervention (RTI)?:
The RTI is a process that provides interventions and educational support to all students at increasing levels of intensity based on their individual needs.
The goal is to prevent problems and intervene early so that students can be successful.

A step-by-step description of RTI Forms can be found in the guidance folder
Most of RTI forms (Teacher Strategies/Activity forms must be completed on BASIS.
CPS Team Meeting will take place monthly.
~ Activity: Log onto BASIS.
RTI in a nutshell...
Review RTI Checklist:
Refer to Handout...

TIER 1- (75% - 80% of students):

TIER 2 - (10-15% of students)

TIER 3 - (5% of students)

Where are RTI Interventions located?
www.intervention central
Learning Village
Guidance Folder (Refer to handout)
Consult Department Chair, Administration, Guidance, and other support staff members

Use Your Resources!
Who places an intricate role in the RTI process?
1. Team of Teachers
CPS Team:
School Psychologist
Department Chair (if needed)
Team Representative
Social Worker

CPS Team Role...
1. Review student records and teacher documentation.
2. Refine the academic/behavior problem.
3. Determine the intervention(s) needed to change the behavior.
4. Determines Tier Movement
Virtual Tour of BASIS:
Referral Form
Teacher Strategy/Activity Form
Tier 2 Academic/Behavior Intervention Record Form
Tier 3 Academic/Behavior Intervention Record Form
Graph Websites

CAB Conference Resources:
Anecdotal form
Frequency Chart
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