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Ehtesham Packages - Company Profile

No description

Saad Iqbal

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Ehtesham Packages - Company Profile

Contact Us
Meet our

Welcome to
Our Process

Our strict
Quality Control

Our rigorous quality checks at every step of production brings
consistency to our products
Meet our valued

We are proud to partner with most of the
top of the line Brands
in the industry.
Special features for
preferred clients

Flexo Gold & Silver
Where Printing & Packaging is

Done Perfectly.

...is about to be fulfilled.
Your info of packaging...
..because you've come to the right place.
Established in 1954 by S.M. Ehteshamuddin, one of the pioneer of printing industry in Pakistan.
Currently under the leadership mantle of S.M. Salahuddin since 1977.

DHA, Karachi
Ehtesham Packages -1
Ehtesham Packages -2
1.5 Million Sheets / Day
We invest heavily in expanding our capacity which leads to
your success
determines how much can we convert raw sheets into finished product per day.
Combined, Ehtesham Packages can convert
Pearlescent & Flourescent Inks
where we can ensure
timely delivery
Tailored manufacturing of board and paper to
fulfill customer needs.
Ehtesham Packages
We nuture strong, healthy relationships with our clients.
Ensuring the best Quality of finished product for the longest shelf life.
Feel confident with our expert knowledge of technical solutions.
Ehtesham Packages offer
special arrangements
at new production premises,
enabling the best-of-breed technologies
tailor-made arrangements
Completely Automatic creasing and cutting machines with inline stripping and separation.
Laser Flat-bed Steel Dies to be manufactured and imported from Germany for die cutting.
Processing in premises at controlled temperature / humidity (if necessary) to prevent dimensional instability.
Raw material
Delivery / Support
Checks at every stage.
We strive to allow only the best sourced paper/board sheets and Inks to enter the production premises.
There is a long checklist of various tests performed.
We have a rigorous quality procedures to ensure highest level of quality checks with top of the line industry machines and equipments.
Our Quality team performs checks of conformity at each stage of process that rolls out of our production facility before it is dispatched.

We also have quality control measures that ensures traceability of problems and issues for every job.
Our state of art modern facilities signify our
Success and enablement
Thanks for watching!
And when you think
Our conversion Capacity
Additional Facilities
Expansion into New Premises
Computerized Heidelberg autopilot Q.C. System
Top of the line Heidelberg machines
8 color (6 color offset + 2 flexo units) “Double Coater”
2 color
Bobst 102 Catron Die Cutting & Creasing with online stripping unit
Computerized Polar Label Cutting Machine
0.7 Million Sheets / Day
2.3 million Sheets / Day
Purchase Order from Customer
Create & Approve
Job Card
Allocation of Jobs
on Machine
Pre Press
Post Process
Final Quality
In-Process Quality Check
In-Process Check
Special Effects
Example of
on a Product
If you take any carton there will be always a lot No. & month assigned. With this we can trace which printer, printed the carton and what were the other process, through Job card.
Ehtesham Packages
(Pvt) Ltd.

Film Processing

Laser Scanner
Flatbed Scanner
Film Contact Frame
Film Processor

Plate Making
Plate Exposing Unit
Plate Developer Unit
Flexo Plate Making

Board Label Cutting

Automatic Board and Label Cutting

01 Nos. - Germany
01 Nos. - Japan
01 Nos. - Japan
01 Nos. - Japan
02 Nos. - U.S.A

02 Nos. - Germany
02 Nos. - Germany
01 Nos. - France
01 Nos.

05 Nos. - Germany
Printing Units

6 Clr + Dbl Coater + Flexo Unit
5 Color + Coater unit
Image Controler
4 Color Offset Printing machine
2 Color Offset Printing machine
Offline Double Coater
Foil Printing

01 - Germany
01 - Germany
01 - Germany
01 - Germany
04 - Germany
01 - Germany
02 - Imported
Die Cutter
Die Cutting Machine
Die Cutting Machine
Punch Machine

Gluing Folding Machine
Automatic Gluer & Folder
Automatic Gluer & Folder
Cold Lamination Machine

03 Nos. - Switzerland
02 Nos. - Germany
01 Nos. - Germany

04 Nos. - Germany
01 Nos. - Switzerland

Quality Printing Control Equipments
Quality Gloss Control Equipments
Humidity control systems
Folk Lifters
Delivery Trucks
Stand By Generators

03 Nos. - Germany
01 Nos. - Germany
05 Nos. - Working 24/7
04 Nos. - TCM & Toyota
03 Nos.
02 Nos. - Cummins
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