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Unit 1

No description

Maria Espejo

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Unit 1

Human Development
Paleolithic Age
The Neolithic Age
(10,000 BCE)
1. Population expanded in permanent settlements
2. Private Property (both land and livestock)
3. Systematized regulation (laws and government)
4. Specialization of labor
5. Enlarged public roles for women
Agrarian Civilizations
Eight Characteristics
1. They were primarily rural societies.
2. They were based on peasant agriculture and/or livestock breeding.
3. Balance natural environment.
4. Religion based on gods and spirits that controlled natural environment.
5. Ritual and sacrifice as ways to control the deities.
6. Religious specialists to communicate with the gods
7. Cyclic time
8. Social values emphasized kinship and the clan
If you were a tribe leader, where would you choose to live? Draw and write down the characteristics of the land you would need.
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