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Create your start-up

Create your start-up

iris doudoumi

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Create your start-up

A Plan Create Your Start-Up A Bright Idea -Most start-ups began with a group of friends .
-Every group includes innovative members who have a bright idea to set up their start-up .
-This idea must offer people better technology than they have now or a new useful product or service !!
- A famous example : Google's Ideas: index more of the Web, use links to rank search results, and have clean, simple web pages with unintrusive keyword-based ads A plan that starts in the head, with logic and reason and thoughts, lacks passion, excitement and purpose.
A business plan starts from a different place with a different set of operating assumptions.
A start-up plan includes business plan, financial plan, management plan.
Start-up's plan is the inspirer 's attitude , passion and relationship to the plan that will make all the difference. EVENT.. Like our Fan Page at : https://www.facebook.com/CreateYourStartUp?fref=ts FRIDAY 18/01/2013 , 18:00

Chios , University of the Aegean

@ Amphitheater of School of Business, MIXALON 8 What is a Start-up company ? ”A start-up is a company designed to grow fast. Being newly founded does not in itself make a company a start-up. Nor is it necessary for a start-up to work on technology, or take venture funding, or have some sort of "exit." The only essential thing is growth. Everything else we associate with start-ups follows from growth.“

~Paul Graham ***Start-ups have lower bootstrapping costs, higher risk, and higher potential return on investment The Actions Start-up requests funding from Venture Capital Funds (VC firms) .
Do many interviews to engineers, marketers, sales people, anyone.You must decide to hire or not hire someone.
Finally put start-up's plan in place !!! The Success The company is consistently profitable and makes money for the "people who took the risk" ( founders & investors ) !!!And the goal of the company has been achieved !!! And now you must choose : should you sell your start-up or should you keep going ? An Interesting Picture ... Useful links : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Startup_company




http://paulgraham.com/really.html watch it ... Join us... 18/01/2013, 18:00, MIXALON 8
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