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The Candymakers

No description

Hailey Bohn

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of The Candymakers

The Candymakers
By Wendy Mass
Facts about the book
The book the Candymakers was published on October 5th 2010 by little brown books for young readers. Author of this book is Wendy Mass
The setting of the Candymakers, is mainly in the candy factory, where they make the award winning candy.
Logan is a quiet kid who lives in his grandfather's candy factory. Logan has olive, tan skin and scars all over his face and arms. you might think it is all fun in games, but there are many rules. Like... no running, no climbing trees, and even more rules.
Daisy is a sweet girl, but if you make her mad, she'll go from perky to snarky. Her and Phillip don't get along very well. She gets along with Miles and Logan, but is she buttering uo to them or is she just polite. Could there be more to Daisy that we don't know?
Phillip is a snarky kid, who wants everthing his way. He wears suits and ties and always carries a brief case. He loves his privacy and hates candy, but what happenes throughout the book when something goes missing and he is a suspect.
Miles is quiet kid who loves to read and want's more than anything to be Logan's friend. Miles, Daisy, and Logan get along really well. Miles is also a nerdy kid with giant glasses and ratty hair. He also loves to learn about the after life. He is short and doesn't have faith in himself, as in, he doesn't believe he will win.
Figurative language
alliteration-The Sickly Sweet Smell.

Critique of novel
This excuting mystery is full of mouth watering surprises and major cliff hangers. This book will make you reading forever. This book is almost impossible to put down.
Wendy Mass
Wendy Mass is the author of the Candermakers. She is 47 years old and was born on January 17th, 1967. She was born in Sparta, New Jersey. She is currently living in Livingston, New Jersey.
Neve Give Up
11 birthdays
A Mango Shaped Space
Jermey fink and the Meaning of Life
Every Soul a Star
Heaven Looks a lot like the Mall
Leap Day
The Candymakes, and more
Websites I used
Daisy, Phillip, Miles, and Logan are competing for new best candy.
A lot of people are trying to steal the candymakers secret ingredient.
Rising action #1
Daisy talking to Aj and everyone thinks she is talking to herself.
Rising action #2
Miles and Logan are having a sleepover.
Rising action #3
Miles and Logan heard someone in the coco room.
Phillip and Daisy fighting for the secret ingredient, and get caught by Logan and Miles.
Falling action
Daisy, Logan, Phillip, and, Miles, work together to make the Harmonicandy for the candy contest.
The Harmonicandy wins the candy contest.
Wendy Mass
Wendy Mass is 47 years old. She lives in Sparta. One of Wendy Mass's most popular is called A Mango Shaped space. Over the past six years, Wendy Mass, has written 17 books.
Logan is a quiet kid who lives in his grandfather's candy factory. Logan has olive, tan skin. You might think it's all fun and games living in a candy factory, but there are lots of rules like...
no running, no climbing the trees, and there are many other rules.
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