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Is Man-Jectification Real?

No description

Cait Villalon

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Is Man-Jectification Real?

Is Man-jectification Real?
What are we really talking about here?
What are they advertising? His jeans? His underwear? His body?
Are men okay with being "objectified"?
This could be interpreted several different ways. But do men feel like their women keep them on a leash?
Do you see the tiny air freshener?
I think they think this makes every girl want a salad.
David Beckham is the poster child for never having clothes on. But maybe he likes it that way.
Is him being shirtless supposed to make that salad dressing look better?
I had a hard time figuring out what this was selling. I think its a cologne. And the "bang" is probably just a coincidence...
The "hunk" is who is selling the Vodka.
The men of Magic Mike think it's okay to "man-jectify" and are calling their movie an "equalizer"
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