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See You at Harry's

No description

Caitlin Speyer

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of See You at Harry's

Holden and Fern were going to go to the homecoming dance-Fern with her friend, and Holden with his boyfriend, Gray. They almost had to stay home after their dad found out that Gray was a senior. He took the car, so Sara couldn't drive them, but they took the ice cream truck instead.
At the dance, (which was a joint event for middle and high schoolers) The Wallaces had a great time. Fern danced with all her friends, and at first she was worried about Holden. She thought he would get bullied. He was surrounded by a huge circle of friends. They seemed to be protecting him from the cruel outside world.
Fern's dad, George (a.k.a. Harry), is always looking for ways to make the business truly famous. His latest idea, a TV commercial, is the worst one yet. Charlie screams, "See you a Hawee's!" at the end of the commercial, and suddenly, that's the next thing her dad uses. He wants to make T-shirts, more commercials, and he even paints Charlie's face on an ice cream truck. Fern doesn't know how she's supposed to survive her first day a middle school with all of this embarrassment, but her friends Ran and Cassie help her through it.
Fern Wallace feels invisible. Her Mom is always off meditating and her father is too busy promoting the family restaurant to notice anything else. Her sister, Sarah, is always moody because she took a year off of high school while all of her friends went to college. Her brother, Holden, is depressed because of the bullies who harass him. Then, there's Charlie. He's the surprise baby. The center of attention. Fern wishes that the way her family sees her were different. Then, the unthinkable happens, and their lives will never be the same.
See You at Harry's
By Jo Knowles

Fern finally was able to see what the minister at Charlie's funeral meant by, "When all that's left of me is love, give me away." Sitting at the restaurant, she could see that Charlie was still with them, just in a different way. She could feel him in everyone and eveything she saw. He was love, and she could finally let him go. When she gave him away, she got him back in the best possible way-more love.
Fern was doing her homework at the restaurant. Her mom was upstairs meditating, and Sarah was finding ways to get out of working. Charlie was watching Fern and he wanted to play. He ran away from her, just as a car was backing up. He wasn't hit, but he fell back and and bumped his head. He stood back up and he was fine. The next morning he didn't wake everyone up like he usually did. Their mom went to get him up, and found that he had died in his sleep.
The Wallace family makes all the arrangements they can for Charlie. Fern is beside herself because everyone is talking about Charlie like he isn't there. She is depressed, and it is hard for her family to go through with their normal schedule.
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