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P2 Zhou Prezi

No description

AJ Gutierrez

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of P2 Zhou Prezi

Dynasty Zhou Dynasty
Government Zhou Dynasty
ruling period Famous people of the Zhou dynasty *The Zhou Dynasty the invention of the kite.
*They also invented the crossbow.
*We also invented the chariot.
*The folding umbrella was invented by the Zhou dynasty. The Zhou dynasty ruled from
1122-256 B.C.E.
They reigned 866 years. Improvements of the Zhou
dynasty Zhou Zhou dynasty inventions An important impact on the Zhou
dynasty was confucianism
which was created by confucius
who was in the Zhou dynasty. The Zhou dynasty made farming,iron,medicine,and fireworks better.They also helped finish the Great Wall of China Interesting Facts The Zhou dynasty was
longest ruling dynasty.
They were in the
western and eastern
part of China.
The Zhou dynasty
could also be spelled chou
This dynasty in the
Shenxi. King Wu defeated the
Shang dynasty in battle.The Zhou
dynasty was the dynasty.
We were also the Second dynasty
ever! * Confucios A.K.A kung fu Tzu-philosopher
* Bian Que-doctor Zhou dynasty map Famous Rulers of Zhou dynasty One of the famous rulers of the
Zhou family is, King Wu , he ruled for three years.
Another famous ruler is King Nan he ruled for fifty eights, years.He was also the last king in the Zhou family. King Wu King Nan pictures of the Zhou inventions Cross bow Chariot Kite Folding umbrella
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