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London, England

Jarod and Luis's London, England, 4th Quarter Geography Presentation

Jarod H

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of London, England

By: Jarod Huston and Luis Barajas Origin of City Name Why was it founded? London derives from the word "Londinium" London has more international visitors than any other city in the world Location London, England Topography Climate/Weather Historic Landmarks National Sport Teams Festivals Major Religion Day in the Life of a Teenager Population City Government Current Officials Economy/Industries/Jobs Tourism/Attractions Public Transportation Has one of the largest and busiest international airport centers in the world Health Population Growth Suburbs Crime Housing Education London is one of world's leading financial centers Culture "World Cultural Capital" One of the World's most-visited Cities More than 300 different languages spoken in the city Became the first city to host the Summer Olympic Games three times -1908, 1948, 2012- - Most populated municipality in the European Union - Had the largest population in world from 1831 - 1925
-Now the 25th largest city in the world 1,570 sq km (607 sq mi) Elevation: 24 m (79 ft) current major of London, England, is Boris Johnson Marine West Coast - climate type Winter
-generally chilly to cold
-average snow twice/week
-winter like: November - March
-temperatures: 24.8 F - 57.2 F Summer
-generally warm to hot
-temperatures: 75.9 F - 89.6 F
-normally very rainy: < 30 inch/year 2003 - major heat wave -- + 100 F Spring and Autumn
-very similar climates
-"mixed seasons"
-usually a very comfortable 60 F -70F Public Parks & Recreation Hyde Park Regent's Park Contains the world's oldest scientific Zoo, has excellent sporting facilities, and over 30,000 blossoming flowers London's Major religion has always traditionally been Christianity. London's largest industry is finance 85% of London's population is employed in the service industry London has some of the highest real estate prices in the world London also has a very large media distribution industry London's economy plays a prominent global role with the rest of the world Attracts over 14 million international visitors per year Public Transportation in London is administered by Transport for London (TfL) Cycling is a very popular way to get around London
-even started a Cycling Campaign for cyclist safety London Underground is the world's oldest and second - longest transit system Red double - decker buses are iconic for London Black London Taxi's - "Hackney Carriage" Many of the worlds-leading education institutions are based in London
- University College London - 4th largest in the world
-London School of Economics - world's leading social science institution
-London Business School - ranked best business school in the world by the "Financial Times" magazine Average teenager earns $50 per week -- from allowance or job -- (U.S. currency) Teenager enjoy same/similar things as Americans:
-chatting and texting
-hanging out with friends
-new music and movies
-etc. Can legally work at age 13 Common Jobs for teenagers:
-Newspaper Deliverer
-Restaurant jobs
-Milkman Delivery Teenagers work through an average School Day for high school/Jr. high of 9:00 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. Most high schools work on a block scheduling school day with breaks included Teenagers live in a very culturally diverse community with lot of languages and religions to adapt too. Total of 43 universities in London In London (and throughout England), you are not ranked in classes (like Junior and Senior year), but in stages
-i.e. Reception, KS1, KS2 Most Schools run on a system very similar to block scheduling 8,174,100 London, the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, is located 51.5171 degrees North and 0.1062 degrees West. It is located on a major river port: the River Thames London, as well as the rest of the United Kingdom's, healthcare is provided by the National Health Service (NHS) This is a publicly funded healthcare system -covers healthcare: primary care, in-patient care, long term healthcare, and dentistry, etc. There are over 50 functioning hospitals in London
-Royal London Hospital
-Great Ormond Street Hosital
-London Bridge Hospital London Literature Festival Brings together international world class poets, authors and speakers for a week of talks and events Trooping the Color: The Queen's Birthday Parade Ceremony to celebrate the Queen's birthday
- carried out by operational troops
-tradition that dates back to eighteenth century Kew's Summer Festival: IncrEdibles Summer Festival dedicated to diversity of edible plants.
-features 90+ exotic, edible fruits and vegetables from around the globe for sampling
-also history of some of them This name continues onto the current name of London today City was named by the Romans during the 1 century when they settled Other roots such as "Londin-" and "Lundin-" were used by Romans also All that is known -- The Romans were mainly drawn there because the convenient inland port from the Thames River Professional Soccer Clubs Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Queens Park Rangers, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United London has 3 mainly popular sports: Soccer (football), Rugby, and Cricket Professional Rugby Clubs London Broncos, London Wasps, and London-Irish Professional Cricket Clubs London Lord's and London Oval One of london's best-known annual sports competitions is the Wimbledon Tennis Championships Natural History Museum London Eye 0:00 - 1:07 The London Eye is a giant Ferris Wheel situated on the River Thames. This huge Ferris wheel is 443 feet tall and has a diameter of 394 feet. Tate Modern Britain's national museum of modern and contemporary art. Inside the museum are famous painting from popular artists like Damien Hirst and Gauguin. This museum sits on the banks of the River Thames. Population Density: 13,488.4 people/sq. mile London's Birth Rate: 47 births/1,000 residents London's Mortality Rate: 6.6 deaths/1,000 residents Immigration Rate: 8 immigrants/1,000 people Weather can sometimes be VERY unpredictable Neighborhoods are divided similarly to that of New York City Famous for popular superstitions known today
i.e. - black cat, "knock on wood", and four leaf clovers, and other common ones heard daily average 2 bed 2 bath house <1,000 sq ft. in city
= $524,360 U.S. London is served by three police forces:
- Metropolitan Police (most responsibility)
- City of London Police
- British Transport Police (polices rail network/underground railroad CRIME RATE DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU ARE IN LONDON! Overall average - typical big city -- but less than New York City and other major U.S. Cities Crime rates have been going down in past few years
-biggest drop was homicide rate
BEFORE 52 homicides/1,000 people
AFTER <10 homicides/1,000 people! Average Rent price in the city of London
= $1,966.35 U.S./ month Many people who live in London prefer to live in rented apartments/housing
for greater convenience Burgess Park Court of Common Council -- governs the city of London
- oldest continuous municipal democracy of the world Range of City services the city government provides by a committee structure
- divided into sections such as Greater London Authority and the Court of Aldermen Greater London Authority Court of Aldermen Serves both Mayor and London Assembly balances money management of City elects roles to office (major, etc.) responsible for entire administration for the city approve new companies approves people for Freedom of the City this is an honor given to a valued member of a community for a superb contribution to the city
tradition has been going for centuries Attracted to it's ease of transportation by Ocean City Founders London was founded by the Romans about 43 A.D. Name mean "the place of the bold one" Founding -- Led by Aulus Plautius, the commander of the Roman Troops Mythological Settlement First settlement -- by Brutus of Troy 1070 B.C. after he defeated the giants, Gog and Magog Major River River Thames flows through southern England. second longest river in the United Kingdom MAJOR form of transportation and trade for London English Channel North Sea Strait of Dover Atlantic Ocean Most of the land in and around London is characterized by vast plains - With exception -- few rolling hills and fertile valleys NO MOUNTAIN RANGES OR LAKES IN LONDON AREA! NO particular reason for founding is known History of London Timeline Romans founded the City of "Londinium" A.D. 43 about A.D. 410 Creation of Londinium Wall Roman Rule of Britain ENDS about A.D. 190 Vikings Attack City A.D. 842 "Londinium" was established as the city of "London" London becomes vital European trading center across the country used this structure as a way to capture other tribal centers Literacy rate in people over 15 y.o. --> 99% large numbers of barbarians penetrated Gaul and Spain and weakened communication between Rome and Britain - led by Constantine III

They were eventually taken over The Viking "Great Heathen Army" launched a large scale invasion of London.

Some information unclear --- London may have come under Viking control for a period. A.D. 886 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 1500 William Shakespeare comes to London! 1558 Kensington Palace is built 1665 -1666 London becomes world's largest city! 1800 London's reconstruction The United Kingdom (including London) was involved in many wars such as WWI, a civil war, and WWII early to mid 1900s #6 Because small business and trade were increasing in London, the River Thames became almost necessary to handle all of London's economic affairs Public entertainment brought lots of crowd

-- lots of debate because of spread of plague at the time
shouldn't be crowding to prevent plague Great Plague of London & Great Fire of London both severely cut London's population in half 1691 The construction of this building triggered the expansion of the London area In later years, this title was eventually taken away by other larger cities. 1824 - 1863 period of the creation of well known landmarks Big Ben London Underground London Bridge lots of damage had struck London specifically Great Smog of London 1952 2012 Creation of the London Eye marks the new millennium!! London hosts the 2012 Summer Olympic Games 1999-2000 Because coal was used for heating every single home in London at the time, a characteristic fog gloomed over the city around this year some neighborhoods are high rated and safe others are poorly rated and completely unsafe with high crime The highest rated and most popular suburb is Richmond The lowest rated and highest crime area is Harlesden Almost all of London's historic Landmarks are old structures and buildings More Languages are spoken in London than any other city in the world London presents more live comedy shows than any other city in the world Interesting Things Ever Since King Henry VII, Queen Elizabeth I, Mad King George, and Charles I died, most people in London believe their ghosts still haunt the Windsor Castle ..... Weird-O's.... generates majority of United Kingdom's GDP London's currency is measured in British Pounds (GBP) It is an international center of culture in arts, music , festivals, museums many more factors Relativly located by the Strait of Dover, North Sea,
--On the Thames River in the Southeast portion of London England The largest in London; also a Royal Park of London This park was created almost entirely by volunteer work and charities throughout 60 years of work -- park emphasizes beauty of nature -- "Our Park" Recreational Activities People of London enjoy much of the same recreational activities as people of America -Swimming
-Sports: specifically cricket, tennis, golf, soccer, etc.
-Outdoor Theater
-River rafting on the Thames Many More! Royal London Hospital London Underground The Tower of London One of the most famous buildings : A historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. Later extended and used as a palace, the main state prison, and now as a museum containing the crown jewels. Westminster Abbey This large, mainly gothic, church in Westminster, London, is a traditional place of coronation of almost all English monarchs: where nearly all of the Kings and Queens of England have been crowned This palace has been the residence of the British Royal Family since the 17Th century. Notably Queen Victoria and William the 3rd Kensington Palace current prime minister of the United Kingdom is David Cameron Bodies of Water Strait of Dover

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