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No description

brianna turchinetz

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Math

What would life be like without math skills?
Without math skills to help us in our everyday life we wouldn't have discovered plenty of stuff that are incredibly useful to us today. Life would be short because math had helped us create useful materials that help us survive, to live a longer and easier life. For example, when people get heart attacks ,you would then have to use math to see the amount of heart beats they have, this well help you see how many times you would have to push on there chest to revive them.
easy skills count to.
clothing sizes
common sense
The Overall Effect

What would life be like if there were no such thing as math in the past? Life would be quiet confusing although there are some materials that involve math that help us also live a longer + easier life how would it affect the presence? People would have never created phones or power lines and we would be stuck in the rock ages which is also how it would effect the past, and how would that affect the future? i have already told you that.
Helps us determine into diving things evenly
If we didn't have math skills in the future then:
We would have a really hard time cooking because you need fractions to know the amount of ingredients you would be adding.
we wouldn't discover anything new about the universe or how to build a car because you would be using science to do these and to finish a question in science you would then have to use math. Math also helps with filling in areas, gets you into a deeper meaning of what you're scientifically studying
Our houses wouldn't be as durable as they are now because we wouldn't have math to intercept a way to create better angles, areas (etc)

Past, Present and Future
Imagine Life Without Math?
If fractions wasn't made or found we wouldn't know how to
Make houses
Create games (etc)

Pictures From Google
If math was not found in the past the presence now would be quite difficult to accomplish multiple things that are useful to us today.
FRACTIONS (although this prezi does not include anything about fractions)
"Fractions help you all day everyday"
Most pics from google
pictures help
If there was no math we wouldn't be able to create such a beautiful cake
- Google for images
(4y)(8x) where y=16 & x= 10

FUN FACTS, i believe that you would already have an idea of all this but there fun!
from this sight it gave me information on specific kinds of things that you use math for.
they would probably look like this
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