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Rachel Norton

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Friends

ALL OF THIS COMBINED it is clear that Chandler:
has dominant personality characteristics of Extroversion because he is always "out there" and cracking sarcastic jokes that fl over the others' heads. He breaks tension with humor and always seems to embarrass himself around people who don't know him well enough to get his humor.

He is Conscientious because he strives to be successful in his love and work life. He dates numerous amounts of women to find "the one" and constantly aims to please his bosses.

Under Horney's theory, Chandler falls more into the withdrawn category because coming from a broken home has left him self reliant.

He falls under the level dealing with "love" in Maslow's hierarchy of needs because although he has multiple problems with his job and life overall, most of the time it can be related back to a lack of love in his life either from his childhood or the present
is a show about a group of friends who live in New York City. These friends include Monica, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe. The series follows the group of friends and how they grow through the ten years.

Phoebe Buffay
Phoebe Buffay grew up with a twin sister and a father that abandoned her. Phoebe's stepfather went to jail and at the young age of fourteen, her mother killed herself. As a result, she had to learn how to live on the streets of New York and take care of herself. The only family Phoebe has is a twin sister that doesn't talk to her and her loving grandmother. Now, as a grown adult, Phoebe makes a living as a masseuse and an occasional singer/songwriter.

The Big 5 Traits
Fits extraversion best because she if full of energy, enjoys socializing, and being the center of attention. She doesn't care what others think of her, even when she makes a fool of herself.
Least fits agreeableness because she often does not get along with others because of her need to take care of herself first before others.

Chandler Bing
He comes from a broken home. He is an only child. He has divorced parents and his father is a drag queen

No one knows what Chandler does in the early seasons of the show, but later on he goes into advertising. He finds difficulty in it because of his increased age in a "young person's industry"

He dates numerous amounts of women he finds tiny flaws in that ruin the entire relationship for him (ex. annoying laugh, sun spots, long neck...) He goes back and forth between dating an annoying woman named Janice out of fear of never finding anyone else

His wife, Monica, also his best friend throughout the show, cannot get pregnant, but they overcome this together by hiring a surrogate
Joey Tribiani
Ross Geller

Joey grew up in Queens, New York, and he has a large family has lots of sisters but no brothers. He was accident prone when he was younger.
On the show Joey was aspiring to be an actor, although he was not having much luck. Throughout the show Joey is always looking for work, and he never finds that one act that can shoot off his career to stardom. Joey is also known for his love of food, being a womanizer, and not being able to do simple mathematics. Joey and Chandler are very close throughout the course of the show, and Phoebe is Joey's best female friend. This being said Joey had a very close relationship with all of the other characters on the show.

Monica Geller
Maslow's Humanistic Hierarchy of Needs
Phoebe remains at the first level regarding the simplest survival needs. She remains here because her lack of family and support prevents her from moving up.
Horney's theory
Phoebe's naive and childish manner leaves her needing some approval from others that she had never gotten. In one instance where she believes the spirit of her dead mother had been transferred to a cat. This constant search for her family leaves her in the compliance category.
During the show Phoebe takes on many boyfriends. In the final season, she almost marries a man she doesn't truly love in order to feel secure and have a lifetime partner.

Phoebe's personality is best described by Horney's personality theory because she is naive and childish but uses this to be optimistic and get through tough times like losing her mother and being homeless.

As a child Monica was fat, and this has affected her self-esteem in her adult life. Her brother Ross always got her parents' attention leaving her feeling alone. She is an assistant chef in New York. Now, she is a neat freak and is obsessed with keeping her apartment and workplace clean, even her cleaning supplies! She can be very competitive and tends to take things too far. For example, during Pictionary once, things got too far and she threw a plate. Monica is very bossy and pushes Rachel around and bosses Chandler around. Unfortunately, she and her husband, Chandler cannot have kids themselves and instead adopt.
Horney's theory
Because her parents spent more of their time and focus on her older brother Ross, she was lead to anxiety and neuroticism. Her neurotic type is aggressive.
Maslow's Humanistic Hierarchy of Needs
Monica is stuck at Love/Belonging because she still strives to be respected by her parents.
The Big 5 Traits
Monica best fits conscientious and extraversion
She fits openness the least.
The big 5 traits
Joey most fits agreeableness. Joey never likes to get into any arguments with others. Joey is very pro social, he is very trustworthy and he trusts others, maybe a little too much. Joey is a very kind guy and he also is very affectionate to the other characters in the show. Joey is always watching out for everyone else and he does not want any of them to be hurt in any way.
Joey least fits conscientiousness because he does not pay attention to specific details very often. Joey does not have high levels of thoughtfulness, he is extremely gullible and not the most intelligent when it comes to common sense. He is very messy and unorganized. Although he is an aspiring actor, he is not doing a good job in order to achieve his goal of becoming an actor.
Maslow's Humanistic Hierarchy of Needs
Joey is in the second stage of the pyramid, he is in the safety category. Joey is unemployed throughout most of the show, and he is constantly trying to find his own appropriate place in society, even amongst his beloved friends.
Horney's Theory
Joey fits into both compliant and withdrawn
Has a strong need for affection, never has a female partner that lasts.
Joey is independent to a certain extent, wants to achieve through failing acting career.
part 1
part 2
1:10- 1:36

In both of these clips you see some moments of Joey being gullible, but also being a good friend to Chandler.
Paleontologist and has a Ph.D.
frequently refers to himself as "Dr. Ross Geller"
geeky, charming, lovable, witty, and shy
Ross is the older brother to Monica Geller
He has a son, Ben, with his ex-wife, Carol, who left him for another woman
He has had a crush on Rachel Green since high school, and have been on-again off-again for years; eventually they have a daughter together, Emma
Adler's Approach
fits in regard to birth order
always has to be right
feels responsibility for his sister
feels power to be right, is competitive, and responsible
always gets praise from parents and is considered to be the better child
always worked harder in school than Monica and had a higher career aspirations
Big 5 Traits
Ross's most apparent trait is neuroticism because he experiences emotional instability, anxiety, irritability, and saddness, often due to his unstable love life. He also feels he must prove himself correct and gets paranoid until proven correct.
His least apparent trait is openness because he is not imaginative and doesn't have a broad range of interests
Maslow's Humanistic Hierarchy of Needs
Ross fits into the esteem category because he has low self-esteem as a result of his inconsistent love life, his need for praise, and his persistence of being right.

Ross best fits the Humanistic Theory of Personality because he passed the physiological level and his basic needs are met. He also the safety level because he has a steady job, has a suportive family, has morals, and his health. He also passes the love/belonging stage to reach the esteem level. Near the end of the show, he becomes closer to self-actualization when he starts his steady relationship with Rachel.
Rachel Norton
Matthew Poalillo
Zach Morden
Katrina Boronow
Deanna Ruglio
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