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shadi khanpour

on 2 October 2013

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what's happening?!
what we expect!!



BY: Shadi,


and Mark

We will reach our goal,
and SAVE the White Tiger!!


The White Tiger lives in India, the tundra, and Indonesia. The reason the White Tiger is becoming extinct is because poachers are killing them for their fur for coats and their bones for medicine. It's also endangered because when they are babies, their fur stands out, so predators find them and kill them. There is only a few thousand remaining, but most are in zoos or they're adopted. The Project White Tiger group is trying to protect this species and save the animal.
The White Tiger's life and habitat is being affected in many ways. One example is the many builders destroying their habitat. The White Tiger lives in grassy areas and forests which provide them shelter, but when builders construct buildings in their habitat, the tiger has to move somewhere else, until there is nowhere else to go. Another reason the White Tiger's life and habitat is being affected is because of poachers. Poachers kill the tiger for their fur to sell and their bones to grind into medicine. They have killed thousands of White Tigers and because of this, White Tigers live in zoos now, not in its native habitat. The last example is exotic pet trade. People trap or buy these animals, and breed them. The bad news is the tiger bred by the humans sometimes get diseases. Their nose gets scrunched up and the eyes cross. Eventually, they die afterward.

We plan to transport some tigers to another safe area where poachers don't expect them to be there. Once the tigers have reproduced, we will transport them back. The tools that we will need are the president's permission, a wide area with other wildlife, and an airplane ride to India. If they say yes, we could also put fences around the habitat so that poachers won't hunt them down. The tools we would need are cages, direct location on where the White Tiger's habitat is, and the help of government and supporters.
What we expect with our ideas is that the White Tiger will reproduce enough to restore the population back to place. The White Tiger law is already set, in which poachers can't kill White Tigers. Once they're back in India, if poachers don't respect the law, we could make another law to not allow guns in an Indian household without the permission of the government. If this species and its habitat survive, they will live, prosper, and grow into a healthy species.

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