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Habit 2

Inquiry Skills Presentation

Christina Goodin

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Habit 2

Habit 2: Begin With The End in Mind Get motivated and ask yourself why you want to accomplish that goal. Create a Goal Having a goal or plan at the end will help you stay on track and focus on your end task. Final goals can be: What college you go to, the occupation you want to work up to, or getting good grades all throughout high school. How does acquiring knowledge allow you to reach your goal? Mission Statements Mission statements are a great way to get started on your goals and stay with them instead of quitting before you even get halfway through making any progress in achieving your goal(s). The Three Watch Out's 1.) Negative Labels
2.) "It's All Over" Syndrome
3.) Wrong Wall “So often, in our quest to be more popular and to be part of the “in-group” we lose sight of things that are far more important....” Check With Yourself To Make Sure You're On The Right Track If you begin getting off track, you will have no chance of achieving that goal. Make sure that you are doing the best you can with your life so you can succeed at anything. Once you have completed the path you made to accomplish your goal, you should feel proud that you have achieved something. Complete Your Goal So how does acquiring knowledge allow you to reach your goal? Please write your responses on the note cards that were previously passed out.
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