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amanda todd

No description

j campozit000

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of amanda todd

Bullied To Death Amanda Todd Amanda Todd was a 15-year-old that made a heartbreaking video about years of bulling at school, and online. Meet Amanda why did this happen? New Start Amanda's nightmare The End Amanda Todd Amanda Todd had posted a video on you-tube about her tragic story. Amanda was a great singer
she had also helped others that where being bullied
but secretly she was being bullied herself
Amanda was 12 when this problem started She was Bullied amanda would go with friends and they would talk to people on webcam chats. one day a stranger flattered Amanda to flash the web cam. after she flashed the web cam the stranger !snapped! a picture of her. Amanda wanted a new start so she moved schools and towns. but unfortunately that didn't work Amanda's bully came back and terrorized Amanda once again. he said "if you don't give me a live show I will expose your picture to everyone." her picture was sent to everyone in her school... and once again Amanda moved. one morning Amanda received a message on Facebook from her anonymous bully. she had resisted and on Christmas morning a cop knocked on her door and told her that her picture was on people's front door. Amanda was hooked up with a guy at her school... and she was played. The boys girlfriend beat up Amanda and left in a ditch. November 27, 1996-October 10, 2012 Amanda Todd R.I.P One day Amanda had enough...and took her life, by hanging herself. just remember words can kill http://amandatoddlegacy.org/ http://caroltoddsnowflakes.wordpress.com/amandalink/ join amandas legeacy
and stop bullying http://dicalifornia.wordpress.com/tag/amanda-todd/
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