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I believe that Luke Bryan is the best country singer/role mo

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Davina Broker

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of I believe that Luke Bryan is the best country singer/role mo

There are many great singers/idols in the world. But I believe that Luke Bryan is the best out of them all.
I believe that Luke Bryan is the best country singer/role model.
Everyone listens to music and have their own favorite singers/idols.
My favorite singer/idol would be Luke Bryan and today I will persuade you that Luke Bryan is the best country singer/idol.
Luke Bryan visits cancer patients.
Luke visited a 8 year old girl named Tatum Libbesmeir. Who is fighting a form of eye cancer. Luke surprised her by going to the hospital and singing her favorite song "Rain is a good thing".
Luke along with many other fans that are cancer patients got tickets for the whole family. He even kept in touch with Tatum and many other cancer patients that he has met.
Singers are always busy and barely have time. But for Luke he puts most of his time off so that he can see Tatum and many other cancer patients waiting to see Luke.
Luke is a successful artist/ "well known".
Luke is a very successful country music artist. Also many people know his name and many of his songs. And this year a song called "Drink a Beer" is on the top 20 country list and he is number 8 on the charts.
Luke is also "well known" for hit songs that climb the charts and leave a happy positive song in your head. Many of his hit songs are: "Play it again" , "That's my kinda night" , "Drink a beer" , "country girl" , "Crash my party" and many more .
Luke Bryan has won many awards that make him a very successful music artist.
Luke has won over 3 awards in in Academy Of Country
music Awards total.
Won 12 awards for American Country Music Awards total.
For American Music Awards he has won 2 awards total.
Last year (2013) won the Country Music Entertainer Of The Year.
Luke has been nominated many times for the Billboard Music Awards but has not one anything there yet.
Has been nominated and won 2 awards in the CMT music awards.
Been nominated each year for Country Music Association awards, i Heart Radio music awards, and the Teen Choice Awards.
Have i persuaded you that Luke Bryan is the best country singer/role model? I think he is because he visits cancer patients, he is a successful artist.
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