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Bourns College of Engineering at UC Riverside

Few things about BCoE, Present By Jun Wang

Jun Wang

on 19 July 2016

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Transcript of Bourns College of Engineering at UC Riverside

Bourns is the top-ranked public engineering college of its size in the country (US News and World Report) and many of its departments are ranked in the top tier by the National Research Council.
Strong national rankings and recognition from U.S. News & World Report, Princeton Review and the National Research Council.

Curricula with technical depth and diversity.

A world-class research faculty with a commitment to teaching.

Small class sizes, creating a personalized learning environment.

Academic excellent as part of the world’s premier research institution, the University of California.

Opportunities to develop your leadership skills.

Preparation for the next step, be it an advanced degree or a great job.
What Makes Bourns Different?
Materials Science & Engineering Building
Winston Chung Hall
Bourns Hall
A Hands-On Education
Extensive Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Organization-Based Projects and Contests
More than $30M in sponsored research/year
Research with tier-one research institution faculty
SAE Formula & Baja
IEEE Micromouse & Robotics and more
22 Student Professional Organizations
Enginuity Hall
A Home Away From Home
There are Enginuity Halls located in each of UCR’s undergraduate residence halls.
Each hall has about 50 beds for students.
Engineering students are not automatically placed into Enginuity Hall. Students must select the hall on their housing contract.
First-year engineering students are not required to live in Enginuity Hall.
Fast Facts
Student Successes
Pedro Piqueras was one of five students out of hundreds who applied who was selected to launch a clearn air campaign at the United Nations
Students design tray that when placed under grill grates cuts harmful emissions from one pollutant by 70 percent
Team of engineering students develop inexpensive, versatile pad to detect medical problems in infants
Students develop titanium dioxide roof tile coating that removes up to 97 percent of smog-causing nitrogen oxides
Students create device that cuts harmful emissions from lawnmowers, which emit 11 times the air pollution of a new car for each hour of operation
Student Team Named Winner of Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition
Engineering Undergraduates Honored With Coro Fellowships
Community Outreach
Engineering Career$
Grad School
Choosing a Major
9 Majors
+ 1 Minor
ABET Accredited
102 World-Class Faculty
Strong Program with Personalized Attention
Did you know?
18.5% Undergraduates and 26.1% Graduates at BCoE are Female Students
BCoE ranked 8th internationally by Leiden University for its research impact and influence in science and engineering!
1/2 BCoE Seniors Participate in Faculty Mentored Research.
90% of BCoE Graduates find a job within 6 months after Graduation.
BCoE just celebrated its 25th anniversary last year!
1/2 BCoE Students actively participate in professional student organizations.
at University of California Riverside:
Bourns College of Engineering
also find us on:
Ranked No.3 among U.S. teams, and No. 10 among all international teams!
SAE Formula Team Group Photo at National Competition
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