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Cupcake & Pearls

Plus size blog to empower women internationally; Beauties With Plus movement

Zsuzsanna Szkiba

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Cupcake & Pearls

the CUPCAKE&PEARLS story From a plus size girl
to a worldwide movement Meet Susie! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! a fashion lover I am... my body - with all the flaws and
extra pounds! I ..... Zsuzska // Susie " Size is a number - do not let
mathematics prevent you from
living life to the fullest!"
(Susie) Yes, I wear bikinis in summer - why not to embrace these beautiful curves? I love my body, I am confident, I work as
marketing communication expert, I love
to help people... So why not spread positive
body image and help other women? CUPCAKE & PEARLS
IS BORN! It started as a blog in August 2012

with an interactive community

based in Hungary... Since Rule #1 in fashion is:
You must feel confident in your dress - no matter what size! I started the process of coaching (plus size) women to make them realize... Which rapidly grew to an international community
and the blog became bilingual! But how is it different from other plus size blogs? "The inner values are much bigger than the size you wear or the number on the scale!" - and it became the motto of CUPCAKE & PEARLS core movement... Beauties With Plus Ágica, the eternal optimist Niki, the muse Hajni, the new Miss Jones Zsuzsi, the colourful Sophia, the vitality Claudia, the gritty Andi, the ageless and myself, Susie They are average women - housewives, teachers, assistants -with a certain "PLUS" which makes them extraordinary! So I wanted to inspire others via their stories - to reveal that "PLUS" which we all have within...
And the feedback? 2013 brought changes as CUPCAKE&PEARLS
grew international. I was invited blogger of Europe's most monumental step of plus size industry I actively promoted the event prior to February by conducting interviews with prominent icons of the BPSFW as... Founder of BPSFW, Remi Ray Plus size icon, Velvet D'Amour 15-16 February, 2013, London Founder of BPSFW, CEO of Evolve magazine, Rianne Ward Miss Curvaceous UK 2012
Simone Charles Eva Fontaine
Plus Size model So I became the most active blogger of BPSFW official website of
the event And I became a Venus Diva, too - covering the event for Daily Venus Diva Magazine, #1 plus size magazine in USA In Hungary contributing to Fashionfave online fashion magazine, frequently After BPSFW the biggest Hungarian TV channel interviewed me in a prime time show My materials from the event were used by TV channel, magazines, blogs Pictures of the fashion show - from first row Featured in Glamour magazine online, Febr 2013 print, April 2013 Video footages, interviews I talked about my Beauties With Plus movement & British Plus Size Fashion Weekend Invited to Glamour Women of the Year
Gala, 2013 Where I made short interviews with celebrities about the "PLUS" in a curvy woman with supermodel Barbara Palvin featured in the biggest gossip portal
www.velvet.hu BEAUTIES WITH PLUS GROWS Video interviews conducted at BPSFW to expand BWP movement internationally What is that "PLUS" -
feat. Velvet D'Amour and Jada Sezer plus size model - face of BPSFW More and more women joining BWP Latest interview with Jada Sezer, face of BPSFW, Asos, SimplyBe UK What's next? Future goals? - BWP become the leading body positive image movement in Europe & internationally, empower women regardless of their sizes or country of origins - become a spoke person for curvy women - be an evangelist, hold speeches in public for self-acceptance Style women in a "PLUS" way - show how to be fashionable as a plus size woman - be an advocate for fashion events, expos, exhibitions for curvy women - educate Europe&internationally about plus size designers, retailers With Jen Wilder, Cult of California More and more women contact me to make interview with them and be part of Beauties With Plus! blog: www.cupcakeandpearls.hu



Email: cupcakeandpearls@gmail.com Recent interview with Briana Harrington (Kardashian Kurves, Seventeen magazine ) Beauty With Plus across USA, UK, Brazil & more Samantha Lebbie
FFF Week,Tropical Divas,
Curves Rock, Ashley Stewart Amáli Fernandes
Miss Plus SIze Sao
Paolo, Brazil Soon to join Curvy Girls stars
Joanne Borgella, Rosie Mercado, Lornalitz Baez & Denise Bidot Next Beauties to support Marcy Guevara
TV personality, stylist Beauty With Plus in EVOLVE Magazine From May 2013 Susie contributes monthly with her column "Beauty With Plus" to UK's number 1 online magazine for curvy women, Evolve Featured in Marie Claire magazine print, May 2013 Jury member of Miss Curvy&Plus Size Hungary 2013 Event takes place
25 May, 2013
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