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ATLA Presentation

No description

Jennifer Ulrich

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of ATLA Presentation

Tools we use...
Subject Guides
Online chat
Web software for creating online forms
Jing & Snagit
screen capturing software
Student worker handbook
Faculty information
Library tutorial
owned by Springshare - annual fee
Library a la Carte
Univ. of Oregon - free open source option
have multiple people online at a time. No one tied to chat.
Email sent when no one available.
Get transcript of chats
Staff can use a variety of IM systems for chat.. we use Trillian and Pigeon
another option...
Annual fee..
Ask the librarian
ATLAS for Alum Registration
What did you learn?
low one time fee
our IT people installed it but can have the company help with that as well.
Easy for end users.. make form.. imbed code in website
Forms can be emailed to one or more persons
single image shots
video (short)
can edit and annotate
Can use together
Both TechSmith products
Jing - Free
Snagit - Fee 49.99 on web but educational pricing available
used for images, videos to demonstrate how library functions work. Have used with chat or email .. to provide an image to offer help
subject guides
student info
faculty info
Maybe these will be useful for you too..
Citation questions
Circulation issues
Reference help

Used by faculty and students on-campus and off.
Some non-EMU persons use as well
Primary uses.....
What would you suggest others try?
libguides on our website
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