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Fashion Kings

Overview of Fashion Kings' website

David Poland

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Fashion Kings

Website Priorities Who - What - When - Where - Why Keep it simple Who Are You? Who are you trying to reach? What exactly do you sell? Where Is Your Store? Impact on Customers Music not necessary
No pictures of merchandise
No Prices
Models not needed
Links open in new tab
Broken links Good Bad Twitter feed available
Social Media hotlinks
Logo is catchy, identifiable When is your store open? How do we find out? Less is more Clothes, shoes, jewelry? Or just G-shocks and snap-backs... Our Recomendations for a
More Effective Website Start from scratch Keep it simple Make sure website works and is
complete before publishing Use space efficiently Instead of this... Try this... Categorize your inventory
Men - Women
Clothing - Footwear
Hats - Jewelry Finally, be proud of your store, not just the brands you sell. Show off what you have worked hard to achieve. Fashion Kings Website Show customers exactly what you sell and how much it costs MEN WOMEN Proofread
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