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Battle of Bull Run and Vicksburg

No description

Megan Graber

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Battle of Bull Run and Vicksburg

Strategies, Bull Run and Merrimack vs. Monitor
First Bloodshed of the Civil War
2nd battle of the Civil War
Battle of Bull Run
McDowell - Union leader
Beauregard - Confederate leader
July 21st, 1861
Bull Run was the Unions attempt to put down the Southern rebellion.
Union forces tried to take the new confederacy capital of Richmond,VA.
Union - 35,000 inexperienced soldiers
Confederate - 22,000 inexperienced men
The North lost 2,896 men: 460 killed (16%), 1,124 wounded (39%) and 1,312 (45%) missing or held prisoner.
Union Plan: McDowell planned on a surprise attack: Planned on using 1/2 his men as a diversion and 1/2 to surround the confederate army.
The problem was that he had inexperienced soldiers could not handle the strategy.
The South lost 1,982 men: 387 killed (19.5%), 1,582 wounded (80.5%) and 13 missing (0%).
Outcome: Confederate Victory
Advantage/Disadvantages of the North and South
North- had thousands of miles of railroads, factories and people

South - cotton and the profits it created, experienced military leaders.
My Anaconda don't want none...
In order to win the war the north would have to takeover the south.

Created a 3 part plan (Anaconda Plan) - 1) cut off all southern ports, 2) go down the Mississippi to split the south in half, 3) capture the confederate capital at Richmond, VA.
Let the Civil War Begin!!

Strategies, Bull Run and Battle of Hampton Roads
Battle of Hampton Roads- Battle #3
1st battle between ironclad warships
March 9th, 1862 - Battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack.
Neither side wins after hours of canon fire!!!
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