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the boy who cried wolf


Wil Alderman

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of the boy who cried wolf

The boy who cried wolf
There once lived a boy named Gubgub, he was the youngest of 6, and it was his turn to watch to sheep.
Gubgub's father told Gubgub only to call for help if there was an animal threatening the sheep, he was suppossed to guard, like a wolf. Well Gubgub was a clever boy. So while sitting next to a great big oak tree one day he decided to, "press his luck." He called out to the people screaming WOLF!! The people of the town came with there guns and pitchforks ready to help the poor child. As it turns out there was no wolf, the boy just played a practical joke! The very next day the boy did it again! He screamed WOLF! WOLF! And everyone came running to his rescue. As it turns out there was no wolf, the boy just played another practrical joke! The next day something came lurking out of the shadows, and it wasn't a gold fish. IT WAS A WOLF! The boy cried WOLF! WOLF! The towns people didn't come. And so the sheep were all killed and the boy was stuck in a tree. There once was a boy named Gubgub, he was the youngest of 6, and it was his turn to watch the sheep. His father told him to only call if an animal was a threat to his sheep that he was suppossed to be watching. Well the boy got to thinking one day what if I called and no one would come, and even if I did what would they do? So he decided to scream WOLF! Everyone in the town came with pitchforks and guns in hand, and were all devistated when they found out it was just a practical joke. The very next day he decided to do it again! The people came ready to fight today, but then again there was no wolf. The next day Gubgub was watching his sheep when out of no where a wolf pops up! He cries for help from the people, but no one comes! The boy panics so he decides to scream and cry some more. At the end there was a bunch of dead sheep, so next time you want your sheep to be safe from wolves only cry when there is one! THE END!
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