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Chloe Kruis

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Lindt

Maître Chocolatier Suisse Depuis 1845
Unique Selling Proposition
Lindt's selling proposition is, their chocolate is made of the finest ingredients and melts in your mouth. Rodolphe Lindt was the first person to discover how to make chocolate melt in your mouth. From then on Lindt chocolate has always been made using Rodolphe Lindt's method.
Direct Competitors of Lindt
1. Godiva
2. Ferrero
3. Ghirardelli

Indirect Competitors of Lindt
1. Laura Secord
2. Nestle Chocolates
Their unique truffle lindor chocolates are know internationally and they have many shops located around the world. Their chocolate is high quality and people will buy their chocolate for the quality.

Their competitor Ghirardelli only sells their chocolate in bars compared to Lindt who has many types of chocolate. Ferrero is not as high quality compared to Lindt and people will not buy their chocolate if they really want high quality.

More people are wanting higher quality goods. Therefore they will buy Lindt chocolate. Many people want gluten free chocolate and Lindt could start making gluten free chocolate for those people.

Cocoa is getting more expensive and will make Lindt's prices increase. Lindt's chocolate is not all fair trade. Some consumers will only buy fair trade chocolate and because Lindt is not fair trade they will not buy Lindt chocolate.

Lindt chocolate is not as high quality as some of its competitors such as Godiva. Lindt is in the high quality chocolate market but if people want really high quality chocolate they will buy Godiva chocolate instead of Lindt's. Another weakness of Lindt is that their brand is not as exotic as their competitors Godiva or Ferrero.
Business Strategy Commentary
The way Lindt is running and marketing their business has been well thought out. They are known around the world and have a good hold on the market. They understand what they need to do in order to be successful. They have many strengths; like selling different types of chocolate and having international stores, and have little weaknesses. Lindt's chocolate is reasonably priced but their quality is still high. Overall Lindt's current business strategy is strong and they have become a successful business.
Thank you
By Chloe Kruis
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