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Creation and Evolution can coexist!

What I think about the whole creation and evolution conflict. Can't it easily be both?


on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Creation and Evolution can coexist!

or both?
Creation or Evolution?
What's the conflict?
Why should both be accepted?
This is how the Earth
have been created...

...the order of this hypothetical creation is pretty much the same as how evolutionists and creationists think. I just found some things that matched and put this timeline together.
Many people of faith refer to Genesis 1 when they think about the creation. Many scientists (but not all) refer to natural selection when they think about the creation. Genesis 1 says the Earth was created in 6 days, making the earth about 6,000 years old, but many scientists believe that the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. For this reason and others, many have come to the conclusion that all religion must be false. Many people also conclude that evolution must be false, since Genesis 1 says that the Earth was created in a week, not millions of years.
These few sentences explain the simple controversy between evolution and young-earth creationism that many struggle with.
It took one week!
Evolution must be wrong!
It took millions of years!
Religion must be wrong!
Because of all this conflict, many people from either side of the argument have lost faith in their beliefs and ideas. If we could just accept both creation and evolution, less people would be discouraged. There may even be a bit more peace in the world. In my opinion, God is the one who created the world in his own intelligent design which scientists today still can't fully understand. It can be quite easy to find a coexistence by accepting the facts and turning to faith.
Earth was created by God
took 6 24-hour days
Earth is about 6,000 years old (ever since Adam was alive + creation week)
evolution must be false (since it takes millions of years to occur)
generally accepted by many religious people
I believe that God created the earth, but how he did it isn't very important to me.
Earth is 4.5 billion years old (so the time humans have been on the Earth is like a speck)
an organism with traits favorable the its environment will most likely live to pass its genes to its offspring, eventually leading to the formation of a new species.
generally accepted by scientists
a theory (there is a lot of evidence to support this theory)
The theory of evolution makes sense to me.
But how can creation and evolution coexist?
There are several good reasons, but I can only write a few...
Period of Time #1
Period of Time #2
Period of Time #3
Period of Time #4
Period of Time #5
Period of Time #6
God first creates the earth without form, empty and dark. Magma churns across the earth and clouds of ash block most sunlight. Life is not present.
Then God created light, and separated it from the darkness.
This could simply mean that clouds of ash began to settle and make the distinction between night and day much more clear.
Water eventually forms on the earth and covers it
The water forms atmosphere and the ocean. The atmosphere is called heaven, not because it
heaven, but is "closer" to heaven. (Heaven is a common term with many uses)
The Earth’s plates move and shift along with volcanic eruptions to form dry land, or Pangaea. Now that there was light and dry land, plants could form from protists, then become increasingly complex, but the first land plants are fully formed in later time periods.
By this time period, the sun, moon, and stars had fully formed to correctly make day and night on Earth. The Earth rotates on a tilted axis, creating seasons as it revolves around the sun. A full revolution is a year. A full rotation is a 24-hour day.
God organizes the moon so it shines bright with stars at night and creates tides with the sun.
Things are functioning correctly...
The water supports life that eventually evolves into many moving creatures (including animals). Fish, then amphibians, then reptiles evolve in the animal kingdom.
Some of these reptiles evolved into dinosaurs, then some of these dinosaurs evolved into birds. So, dinosaurs are technically birds.
Some of the reptiles evolved into mammals.
Birds since Archeopteryx evolved into many species.
God creates more variations of mammals, including cattle-like animals like horses, deer and mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and rhinos.
God formed man in his likeness. This may have been through the evolution of ape-like creatures. Either way, God created us special and different than any other creature.
And just saying,
the Big Bang could have happened. Genesis 1 explains the creation of the EARTH, not the universe. God could've easily made the big bang too.

Compare this chart to these videos.
Genesis Creation of the world Chapter 1
A Brief History of the Earth
So, that is a basic explanation of how I think both evolution and creation can combine as one. The real conflict is between creationists and evolutionists. I just wanted to state my beliefs as neither a creationist or an evolutionist. I mean no offense to anybody as I was only trying to make a little less conflict. Thanks for viewing this prezi and, please, no rude comments or arguments. I understand you're concern to defend either side, but please keep it at a friendly level.
Thanks for viewing this prezi!
Pictures Used







This animation shows how the
carving could appear to be a chameleon.
God could have created evolution.
Holy texts, miracles, personal accounts, the happiness many believers show, and many others show that religion is true (or at least for me)
scientific evidence does not prove religion wrong, it just shows how God did things
the "days" could have been periods of time to allow evolution to occur
it has been stated in the bible that a day is a 1000 years in God's eyes (or a very long time)
"But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day,"
2 Peter 3:8
God has not revealed all of his wonders, including his "intelligent design", in detail, or Genesis 1 would be HUGE and extremely complex. Even scientists are still trying to figure out how everything works.
in times of old (when the bible was written) the people who would read the bible wouldn't easily understand genetics, let alone evolution. That is why Genesis 1 is simple and easy to understand instead of amazingly complex.
fossils show an amazing amount of evidence for the theory of evolution
people can't find every single missing link to prove evolution, but the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. There is also good evidence for radioactive dating and other fossil dating techniques to show the order of when the fossils formed and that earth must be older than 6000 years.
most fossil dating techniques usually come up with the same general age for a fossil, give or take a few thousand years
if fossils could form in a span of 6000 years, then there would be fossils of modern day animals
a fossil footprint has shown human footprint overlapped by a dinosaur footprint, but there is much evidence that this "fossil" (which has never been carbon-dated) is simply a hoax.
if dinosaurs lived in bible times, then there would have been more accounts of them written in the bible
the "behemoth" and "leviathan" mentioned in Job could have just been created to show God's power
the word "dragon" has been used in the bible several times, but usually to represent Satan and other evils.
Inca stones have been found with dinosaurs and modern technologies shown as images carved into the stone, so I immediately thought that these stones were hoaxes. Some of the dinosaurs carved onto the stones didn't live where the Inca lived, even more proof that they were hoaxes. The carvers eventually admitted that they faked the stones.
A stegosaur has been found carved on a Cambodian temple. It looked a little odd to be a stegosaur, especially its rhino-like head that looked nothing like a real stegosaur head. The plates looked like they could've been a decorative background, or they were carved in recently to fool tourists. The carving may have just been of a chameleon or a rhino.
curved back
curved back
huge head
no spikes,
low tail
small head
low tail
high tail
The carving looks most like the old, inaccurate stegosaurus.
(this picture shows it a little too high)
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