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ivory coast

No description

Keith Irvin

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of ivory coast

Originaly known as Côte d'Ivoire, the ivorian
government strongly discourages the use of
it's english name because they prefer the French
name Abidjan is the lagest french
speaking city in western Afica French explorers started to explore the Ivory Coast back in 1843 Côte d'Ivoire has approximatly
16,400,000 people and has over
60 ethnic groups The Ivory Coast had a civil war back in 1990
this was caused by a dictator by the name of Houphouët-Boigny putting the country in debt A large part of the adult population, in particular women,
are illiterate. Côte d'Ivoire "Ivory Coast" Abidjan The ivory coast's currency is the franc Even after declaring independence in 1960, Cote d'Ivoire retained close economic (export/import) ties with France, and became one of the most prosperous African countries. Land Area 320,763 sq km (123.847 sq miles) The ivory coast has been having problems with their military
and mobs of people are killed every day
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