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The Older Person's Commission at a Glance


Julieta Saluzzo

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of The Older Person's Commission at a Glance

OPC Prezi by Julieta Saluzzo 1. What compelled you to become a member of the OPC?
a. compannionship
b. boredom
c. becoming involved with your community
d. other 2. What is your age?
a. 50-55 b. 56-61
c. 62-66 d. 67-82 e. 83+ 3. Are you from the Rochester area? If not, from where do you commute to the OPC?
a. Yes b. No 4. How much time do you spend at the OPC? (hours/day)
a. 1-2 b. 3-5 c. 6-9 d. 10+ 5. How would you describe your
experiences at the OPC? 6. How many activities/classes are you
part of at the OPC?
a. 1-3 b. 4-6 c. 7+ 7. How would you describe the
people who run the classes, the managers,
the volunteers, etc? 8. Rate the following classes/activities
at the OPC?
terrific tuesday 12345
steppin' out 12345
fitness classes 12345
trips 12345 9. How many of the activities listed below
do you attend regularly?
a. terrific tuesday b. steppin' out c. fitness classes
d. art classes e. trips 10. Has the OPC become an important part of
your life and your routine? If yes, how?
a. No b. Somewhat c. Yes Survey 1. a 0% b. 0% c. 0%
d. 100% e. 0% 2. a. 10% b. 40% c. 30%
d. 20% e. 0% 3. a. 80% b. 20% 1. Leonard 2. Leonard

5. 1.Great
2.A wonderful opportunity to meet friends in my age bracket
6.Very good
9.Love it
10.Fun 6. a. 80% b. 10% c. 10% 7. 1.Not always knowledgable
2.Very capable and efficient
4.Very good!
5.They are great!
10.Very nice, patience 8. a. 10% (4) 30% (5) 60% (n/a) b. 10% (4) 30% (5) 60% (n/a)
c. 10% (3) 10% (4) 70% (5) 10% (n/a) d. 20% (3) 30% (5) 10% (n/a) 9. a. 25% b. 25%
c. 100% d. 25% e. 12.5% 10. a. 0% b. 10% c. 90%
1.Companionship, healthy activities, mind, body, spirit
2.OPC is a wonderful place to meet people my age
3.Just the fitness; badminton and volleyball
4.It is easy to excercise at OPC
6.I'm here daily, I enjoy it and look forward to it
7. very much so
8. mon through fri-everyday!
10. The Older Person's Commission at A Glance
by Julieta Saluzzo "Life is what you make it" - Anne Lynas During my research, I found out how important it is to the older adult
community that they are still involved in something they are passionate about.
Also, the relationships they build during these late years are needed in order
to be happy and prosper. "Persons involved with positive relationships tend
to be less affected by everyday problems, to be more effective, and to act with a
greater sense of control and independence" (Carpenter & Hansson, Relationships in Old Age) What I Found Out Images! Interview! Survey Results Field Notes! Maps Artifacts! images from www.bing.com/images
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