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Hippotherapy is a treatment that uses the multi-dimensional movement of a horse, which greatly benefits people with physical, mental, and even speech disabilities.

Heather Davis

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Hippotherapy

By: Heather Davis
The Roles
Who is Qualified
What is Hippotherapy?
-Any child or adult who has a mild
or severe physical, emotional or
mental disability
-Preferably before puberty
-Is any impairment that limits the
physical function of limbs or motor ability.
•Cerebral Palsy
•Spina Bifida
•Cystic Fibrosis
It's a type of therapy that uses treatment with the assistance of a horse.
A physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities
River Cities
Riding Center
How to Acquire a Horse
RCTRC Horses
Works Cited
-An impaired verbal language, reasoning and academic skills

Helps support a healthy body posture, balance and muscle control
How Hippotherapy Assists
Cognitive Impairment
-First seen from ancient Greeks in 377-460 B.C.
-Used in World War 1
-In 1960-70's centers developed in Europe, U.S. and Canada
-North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) was formed in 1969
-More than 500 U.S. riding centers
Why a Horse is Used
- Provides a sensory input through a horse's rhythmic and repetitive gait
- is similar to the movement of a human
-When on horseback, your hips move as if you were walking
-An irregular way of interaction, learning information or even basic communication
-Down's Syndrome
-Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD)
How Hippotherapy Assists
By playing games and participating in horseback
riding, they learn to obey directions and to focus on tasks
How Hippotherapy Assists
Riders receive a sense of confidence that helps them take on other regions of learning. They also experience independence for the first time with the help of a formed bond with a horse.
-A person who has a very sensitive sense of touch
-Visual Impairment
-Hearing Impairment
How Hippotherapy Assists
A smooth gait and a soft fleece pad ensures they are comfortable. The different textures a horse provides helps regulate sensitivity to touch.
Comparison of a Human and Horse Skeleton
-I was able to help children and adults
have fun during therapy
- The leader: handles the horse
-The therapist: focuses on patient's response and communication between the team and the horse
-The side walker: ensures safety
for the rider
As a Rider
- A better understanding of how hippotherapy works and makes you feel
Necessary tools for a successful hippotherapy session
-Have bad/abusive backgrounds
-Does not work with every horse
Horses & Equipment
-Obey voice commands
-Have ground manners
-Train with different situations
-Be "bomb proof"
They Should
Break Away Stirrups
Bare Back Pads
Mounting Ramp/Blocks
Hoof Pick
R. I. P.
November 9th 2012
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