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Farnsworth Middle School Schools To Watch Presentation

Farnsworth Middle School Schools to Watch

Todd Hilgendorff

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Farnsworth Middle School Schools To Watch Presentation

NJHS - 8,175 hours total, 35 per student
St. John's Welcome Kitchen
Organic Garden
Ronald McDonald House
Make A Wish Foundation
Holiday Adopt A Family
Casual For A Cause
Student initiated
Hurricane Relief
Relay for Life
Friday Hat Days
Autism Walk
Benefits for local families
Collaborative Meetings
There is shared responsibility and "buy in" from everyone.
Meet Daily
4 Core Teachers
SPED Teacher
House Principal
Cross Curriculum
Superintendent Conference Days
Grade Level
Meet once every four days
Curriculum and assessment work
Common core implementation
Curriculum mapping
Create benchmark assessments
Curriculum mapping
Interdisciplinary curriculum projects and activities
Monthly Collegial Inquiry meetings
Meet monthly
Vertical curriculum work
Department goals and priorities
Data analysis
Evaluate benchmark assessments
NYS Teacher Evaluation
4 days per year
Teachers teaching teachers
Staff development
Team set up and planning
Topics based on needs
Standing Committees
Building Cabinet
Transition - 5/6 and 8/9
Character Education
Crisis Response Team
How to Achieve
Google docs
Team Meetings
Curriculum mapping
1250 Students
235 Adults in school community
125 Teachers
Average class size 28
Free and reduced lunch 8%
18% Special Needs Students
Minority groups
Black 4%
Hispanic 2%
Asian 10%
White 82%
Other 2%
Benefits for Students
Student Achievements
School Report Card
Test Scores
97% Attendance rate
NJHS - 55% of 8th grade students become members
President’s Award - 40% A average 6-8th grades
Board of Education award - 34% of FMS students
Accelerated Math/Science - 25% of 8th grade students
FMS Summer School
1% of students required to attend
93% high school graduation rate
All students have opportunity to participate
National History Day
Future City
Math Counts
National Spelling Bee
National Geography Bee
Math Olympiad
John Hopkins Talent Search
Book clubs for adults include young adult, professional, and adult
Book talks
Digital literacy
Poetry Jam
Author visits
Service Learning
56% of students participate in one or more of 12 ensembles
68% of those students participate in NYSSMA major ensemble evaluations
35% of those students participated in NYSSMA solo evaluation festival
MASK - FMS drama club
Select Performing Music Honors
Suburban Council Honor Band/Chorus/Orchestra
American Choral Directors Honor Ensemble
NYS Honor Band
Empire State Youth Orchestra
Capital District Youth Chorus
Character Education
Character Counts and Recognition Breakfast
National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI)
Counselor Groups
Bus Buddies
Peer Mentors
Best Buddies
Town Hall Meetings
Student Clubs and Activities
The Performing Arts
May 16:
Promethean Board Instruction Workshop:
Keir Aspin will test-drive the latest LC's ActiveExpressions and participants will brainstorm what the possibilities are of self-paced learning with the ActivClassroom. The session will happen in the Learning Center Reference area;

Google Docx for Teaching Assistants:
This session focuses on the basics of using Google Docx and is designed for TAs here at FMS. Joe Winchester will be leading this session in the Red Computer Lab;
Parent and community involvement
Diversity day
Hoe Down
Organic Garden
Butterfly House
5th to 6th Grade Transition
Committee of middle and elementary school staff
5th grade visit to FMS
Visiting teachers
Pen pal program
Summer orientation
8th to 9th Grade Transition
Committee of middle and high school staff
8th grade visit to GHS
"What I wish I knew" letters
Half day start of year orientation
Building a Strong Learning Community
Student Input
Shared decision making
Student council
Student surveys
Team activities
House and Team Structure
School within a school creates smaller communities
Consistent counselor and principal
Discipline referrals
Parent conferences
Team meetings with students
Flexible groupings of core classes
Differentiated instruction
Leading By Example: Teacher Collaboration Results in Student Collaboration
Farnsworth Middle School
Guilderland Central School District
Guilderland, NY
Mary Summermatter
Building Principal
Charlie Gifford
Social Studies Teacher
Amy Tubbs
House Principal
Brenda McClaine
Math Teacher
Todd Hilgendorff
Science Teacher
“Let’s Talk”
Supporting Student Achievement Through Professional Collaboration
Student Centered Learning
Interdisciplinary projects/units
Inquiry projects (Science and ELA/SS)
Project based learning
Cooperative Learning Strategies
Differentiated Instruction
Student Flash Mob
Mary Summermatter
Building Principal
Charlie Gifford
Social Studies Teacher
Amy Tubbs
House Principal
Brenda McClaine
Math Teacher
Todd Hilgendorff
Science Teacher
“Let’s Talk”
Supporting Student Achievement Through Professional Collaboration
Google Sites and Digital Portfolios:
In his first year working with Google sites and digital portfolios, Dan Hash will be leading a session exploring ideas on how to use this instructional technology. The session will occur in the Blue Computer Lab;

Progress Monitoring
: Christine Smith and Larissa Fremont will be leading this session on Special Ed. progress monitoring of IEP goals. The session will take place in the Green Computer Lab;

Scaffolds in Literary Discussions:
Nancy Brumer will be sharing the work she has done this year (in conjunction with a Ph.D. student at the University at Albany) supporting student-led text discussions in her class. The session will take place in room 408;
Sample CI Offerings
Temporary Committees
Data teams
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