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No description

Alyssa Vidal

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Cabbagetown

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Cabbagetown is located on the east side of downtown Toronto.
Unique Characteristics
Style of Housing: Victorian
Challenges and Issues
Cabbagetown lacks in public transportation.
Lacking home services.
Cabbagetown is sustainable in a few areas. It provides an ideal place to live in, though it has a low-density population.
Goals and Changes
It is around Parliament Street and is in between Regent Park and St. James Town.
During the 1840s, thousands of poor Irish immigrants settled in this neighbourhood and grew cabbages on their front lawns in order to survive.
Special Land Uses: Heritage buildings on Parliament Street, church, and graveyard
Green Space: Riverdale Farm, Riverdale Park, and the Don River
Commercial Land Use: Furniture shops, Repair shops, Convenience stores, Restaurants and Fast Food chains.
Preserving their culture while community is growing.
In need of senior and youth programs.
Maintaining the quality of the environment and parks.
Meets most of people's needs today, though improvements must be made in the future.
Increase use of Public Transportation.
More apartments should be built & made available.
Maintain the green space, especially Riverdale Farm.
By: Alyssa Vidal, Hanna Redda,
Nushin Raihan, and Pia Lewis

Map of Cabbagetown and surrounding areas.
A sketch of an 1840s house at Cabbagetown.
Photo of houses at the neighbourhood.
Another photo of Victorian-styled houses.
Few photos of Jack Layton's burial at the cemetery.
A photo of the Toronto Necropolis Chapel.
A picture of Riverdale Park.
A photo of the Cabbagetown Brew.
A photo of streets of downtown Toronto.
A picture of Riverdale Farm.
Carlton Street is a part of Old Cabbagetown.
Sage Real Estate at Cabbagetown.
Riverdale Farm
This was the first Toronto Zoo.
Area of Cabbagetown that is sustainable.
A photo of a house by Riverdale Farm.
The Map of Riverdale Farm
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