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TOK General Patterns

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Someone Someone

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of TOK General Patterns

Understanding is the ability to apply knowledge to a situation or example. So what is understanding? You may have the knowledge of Trigonometry
but until you can apply that knowledge, you may not fully understand the topic.
Acquisition of Fact: What is sin, cos, tan. What are the values etc. MATH Watching a particular football match can give you knowledge as to how the game may be played
Knowledge: How the game is played Sports In conclusion, I would say that both general patterns and particular examples must be there to fully understand whatever you are researching.

The statement "General Patterns give us knowledge, Particular Examples promote understanding" is both right and wrong. It just depends what you are looking at General Patterns Give us Knowledge
Particular examples promotes understanding To what extent is this statement true? What is knowledge? Knowledge is the acquisition of facts Let's look at some AoKs where this can be applied Application: Once you apply sin cos and tan to different scenarios, you UNDERSTAND the use of trigonometry, and then can apply it to other situations. (Triangles, Waves etc) Understanding: Only by watching many games and recognizing the patterns between players and teams, do you understand the game, the football league and the nuances of football. CLAIM: General Patterns give us knowedge, Particular examples promote understanding Counter Claim: General patterns promote understanding, Particular examples give us knowledge. You cannot have one but not the other.
Knowledge without application is useless.
Application without the knowledge is impossible. The Arts Looking at a general pattern in Arts of a time period can give us knowledge about the style and mood of the time period. Looking at a specific piece of art can promote our understanding of the specific techniques an artist used, or the mood of specific artists of the time period Real Life Situation: Me and Siddharth
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