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Craig Richards

on 20 June 2014

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Where are we and where do we hope to go?
Solar Resources
South Africa has some of the best solar resources in the world
Wind Resources
eThekwini's wind resources are poor compared to the rest of South Africa's coastline, however they are still worth considering
Biomass Resources
Unquantified on a municipal level, however KwaZulu-Natal has competitive advantage over other provinces
Ocean/Wave Resources
Unquantified on a municipal level, however KwaZulu-Natal has competitive advantage over other provinces
Durban Landfill Gas to Electricity Project
EM project with an installed capacity of 7.5MW
Hazelmere CPV Plant
RE Projects within EM
Dube Tradeport Rooftop Solar PV
600 kWp rooftop PV installation
ART Solar Panel Manufacturing Facility
480 kWp dual axis tracking CPV plant
State of the art module manufacturing facility, capable of producing 75 MW of panel per annum
Barriers to Renewable Energy
Cost of RE Technologies
Understanding the Resources Available
Complexity of Legislature Environment
Grid Stability
Loss of Income for Municipalities
Ethekwini Wind Map
GEOSUN Project
Better understanding of biomass resources required
Solar Cities Map
Wind Repowering Project
Municipal Building Solar PV Project
Western and Northern Aqueduct Embedded Hydro
GEOSUN Project
Smart Metering
Effective Planning
Solar Cities Project
By 2030 40% of our electricity consumption is supplied by renewable energy sources
RE Projects Implemented
Investigating fixed cost model
Solar Cities Project
Streamline grid applications

Use by laws to protect PV owners etc.
Lack of suitable space
Integrate RE into spatial planning
Prioritise roof top PV and solar water heating
Import RE from outside eThekwini
Cost is reducing
Develop short term forecasting
Thank You
In 2012 approximately 24.5 GWh fed into the grid from RE IPPs
Electricity provided 11,000 GWh of electricity in 2012
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