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Margaret Peterson Haddix

No description

Daysha M.

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson
Age / Birthdate
She went to college at Miami University(the one in Ohio not the one in Florida)
She went to high school at Miami Trace High School
her husband's name is Doug
She has two children, named Meredith and Connor
her parents names were Jhon Albert and Marilee Grace
She has an older brother, a younger brother and a younger sister
Books BY Margaret
The missing book 5 caught Summary
Jonah and his sister Katherine are in class when something caused time to freeze. Katherine and Jonah end up going back into time and they must try to avoid causing any change in the past so the future will stay the same
some of her previous jobs were.. newspaper reporter, newspaper copy editor, freelance writer, community college instructor, substitute teacher
This Prezi was Created BY :
Daysha M.
Interview With
Margaret peterson
interview with
Margaret Peterson Haddix
Margaret Peterson published her first book
running out of time
it took Mrs.Haddix 4 years to complete her book running out of time
as a kid Margaret wanted a career that was only restricted to books
She is best known for her missing series
her father was a farmer and her mother was a nurse
Books I did for my author study:
Jonah and his sister Katherine go back to Albert Einstiens time . They have been on many other time travel trips, so they know how to make themselves invisible. Albert's wife gets suspicious and thinks someones following her. Jonah just has to go and mess things up by getting discovered. Albert's wife takes something from Jonah and Katherine and they have to get it back.Then more things and more things one after another keep messing up. Can Jonah and Katherine Get time back on track????
Jonah, Chip, Alex , and Katherine arrive in the 15th century at the Tower of London through time travel. In the tower they see two tracers.(tracers are ghost like figures that show what would have happened if time travelers haven't interrupted). Alex and Chip take place of the tracers. Soon two men come throw Alex and Chip out the window, but luckily Jonah and Katherine save them.JB makes Chip mad so Chip throws the elucidater at the wall.The next day Chip and Alex run off. Jonah and Katherine go to a Chapel and end up having to be angels, but while doing this they became visible again and run off. Jonah and Katherine didn't know at first but something happened to Chip and Alex, so JB pulled Jonah and Katherine out of time to explain how to save Chip and Alex. Then JB puts them back into time but 2 years later. In the things turn out o.k... but you will have to read the book to find out. :)
Margaret Peterson Haddix is 49 years old
Margaret was born April,9,1964
Torn Summary
Jonah and Katherine are time traveling siblings, they live in the 21st century. They end up going through time and end up on Henry Hudson's ship...right before a mutiny. Jonah has to take place of Henry Hudson's son, his costume was bulletproof so if he got shot he would still be o.k.. A man promised them that if they fixed time that they could save JB. (oh yeah JB is in trouble by the way). Later they found out the the man that had made the promise was a traitor. So now Jonah and Katherine have to figure out how to save JB without the man that turned out to be a traitor.
Honors and awards
A junior library guild selection
Great Lakes book award
Texas Lone Star master list
American bookseller pick of the list
A YALSA popular paperback for young adults
Margaret has won way more than these but it would take FOREVER to type them all
Can you guess why the background is purple??????
her favorite color is purple!!
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